The Mindful Mom To Be – My New Book

I am soooooooooooo SUPER excited to share this exciting news with you all !!! Today is the launch of my first book  ” The Mindful Mom To Be” …. YIPPIE !!! I’m Super excited to share with you all my wisdom , tips and trick to support your mind, body and spirit throughout your journey into motherhood . the mindful mom to be is available now on Amazon the mindful mom to be


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No such thing as perfect


All women, pregnant ladies and new mommies please pay attention …. There is no such thing as perfect .. striving for something that doesn’t exist will only make you and those around you suffer . During pregnancy ( of course before or after is fabulous too  ) is a great time to do a little inner work on yourself as you are transforming , changing into and becoming a mother. With this birth of the new you comes new ways of doing , being and coping with things. I always give my girls a monthly theme to focus on and a book that supports this theme . This month perfection has come up a lot so I wanted to share this book that I highly recommend to all . People that are the hardest on others are usually the hardest on themselves . When you can make peace within yourself , you will have peace around you . Brene Brown’s book- ” The Gift Of Imperfection is AMAZING …. check it out . xoxo Lori

Osteopathic and cranial sacral therapy for your baby after birth – What It is and why it is so important

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Something I always suggest  my clients do after the birth of their baby is to take their baby to see an osteopath & get cranial sacral therapy. I have been seeing Dr. Hakimi for years now and highly recommend him  to all my peps , he does a combination of the two plus so much more . ImageDr. Payam Hakimi is the medical director of Body of Harmony in Beverly Hills.  He practices Integrative Medicine [individualized combination of western medicine and alternative medical therapies] using his knowledge and experience as a Family Physician, Doctor of Osteopathy, and Clinical Homeopathy. I asked him a few questions , why it is important for your child to have these kind of treatment done after birth ,below are the questions and his answers .

What is an osteopath  ?

In United States Doctors of Osteopathy [D.O.] are traditional medical doctors with additional training in structural integration…

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Ancient Minerals – Magnesium oil for a healthier pregnancy and labor aid

Unknown I wanted to share one of my all time favorite products with you all !! I LOVE my magnesium oil ! Every night before bed I spray a little bit on the bottom of my feet as part of my bedtime ritual .Most of us are deficient in this essential mineral. Some of the signs of deficiency are : Muscle cramps, facial tics, poor sleep, anxiety, headaches and chronic pain. I have my pregnant clients use this oil nightly before bed .. It helps with leg cramps, insomnia, anxiety, back and body pain , fatigue, constipation and stress. By using the oil it is one of the best ways to absorb it into your body. You can also try adding some leafy greens , pumpkin seeds , lentils , dark chocolate, bananas and avocados into your diet as they are all rich in magnesium. I always add a little magnesium oil to my childbirth and prenatal massage oil blend ( not too much because it can burn the skin ) and massage my pregnant and laboring women with it.

No matter the situation, Never let your emotions over power your intelligence


With mercury about to go into retrograde tomorrow I thought this would be an appropriate time post this. Mercury in retrograde is a time of  miscommunications and heightened  emotional upheaval . Way back before I did some healing work on myself I would constantly act out from my emotions . If something or someone triggered a feeling in me I would lash out and attack , throwing all my uncomfortable feelings at them . I’m so grateful to my life coach and mentor Michele Meiche for teaching me these priceless tools on how NOT to act from an emotional place and how to TAKE A BEAT before reacting.  Lets face it , it totally SUCKS to sit with and feel uncomfortable feelings. Thats why so many act out and lash out at others. When you do this you are literally energetically vomiting all your uncomfortableness on to another. When you allow some space, sit with it and FEEL your feelings thats when you can process and get to the root of what is really bothering you, usually it has nothing to do with the other person , but something that they are bringing up in yourself that needs some addressing , tending to or healing . According to the dictionary – An Emotional Trigger is : a response to a person, situation, event, dialogue, reading, film, or other content providing entity, that provokes a strong emotional reaction. Often we are not self aware when we are triggered, and fall into reacting prior to sifting through our strong emotional response. The reason I am writing this is because when you are a parent , in relationship or a mom to be you will get triggered by others especially your children. They will bring up internal triggers or personal wounding that shows you there is usually something deeper going on inside you . Michelle has taught me to have the self awareness to be able to explore what the feeling is bringing up in me or when in there past have I felt this before . This person or situation came into your life as a gift . it’s an opportunity for you to explore and clear so you can be free and shine brighter . When I feel triggered a bell goes off that says , ” Hummmm , WOW  …Look what this is bringing up in me .. I might need to go do some healing work on this” . I either work with my mentor , go for a hike and process , do some yin yoga where I sit and hold poses , breathe and meditate on it or get out my good old trusted journal and write about what I am feeling . Somewhere in there I usually find the root of whats really going on with me and 98% of the time it has nothing to do with the person or the situation that got my feathers all ruffled . Can you imagine if we all had the self awareness to sit with , process and feel our uncomfortable emotions before lashing out to another ? There would be so much more peace in all our relationships , families and in the world in general .

Hypno Meditation For Birth – Deep Relaxation With Trance Epidural

The beyond AMAZING  Hypo-meditation teacher Amy Budden –  Of Connect The Mind and I have teamed up on a meditation hypno therapy series for fertility , pregnancy , birth and new motherhood.  coming soon …. Stay tuned ! I am sooooooooo super excited about this collaboration !!!   In the meantime here is a sample of our ” Deep Relaxation and Trance Epidural”.

It’s a Great tool that I have all my mindful moms to be download for birth prep as well to be used in birth.

Listen to it nightly before bed for a deep sleep or in the morning to set a calm and peaceful pace for the day . For Best result  listen to it with head phones.


photo by Megan Schoenbachler

Affirmation birth ball rolling – labor trick 

 When you are in labor try sitting on your Birthball and think of a positive affirmation like one of these examples :    MY BODY WAS MADE TO THIS”. “I TRUST IN MY ABILITY TO BIRTH MY BABY WITH EASE” ,” I AM STRONG AND CAPABLE” ,” MY BODY OPENS ,MY MIND QUIETS ,MY BABY DESCENDS”. Start spelling out the affirmation by rolling your hips to the letters that make up  your affirmation .This is a great distraction technique as it quiets your mind by focusing on your spelling and movement, it plants seeds of inspiration ,positive motivation and empowerment and helps open your pelvis and the rolling helps baby rotate while sitting upright uses gravity to bring your baby down. #loribregman #doula #birthsupport 

The importance of attachment 

If the imprint of bonding wasn’t established and a child doesn’t properly attach to their mother or parent in the beginning they could later in life have a hard time attaching and being intimate with another . One way to lock in healthy attachment is skin to skin as often as possible post birth and for the days , weeks and months that follow. 
For nine full months your baby has been developing in protective and peaceful sanctuary within your womb. Coming earth side can be a traumatic experience for your little one . To make the transition easier, I always suggest immediate skin-to-skin contact . They say babies thrive the best when they are returned right away to their natural habitat which is to the mother – You are familiar  as they knows your energy , smell , voice and your heart beat  all this helps them feel safe as they transition into this world .  
 skin-to-skin contact also helps: stabilize baby’s body temperature and heart rate. Normalizes baby’s breathing patterns and lowers the levels of stress hormones . The baby is exposed to natural bacteria from the mother, which helps prevent her from getting sick and baby will be  more likely to latch on right away, feed longer and more easily. If the mother is unavailable, your partners chest is the next best place for your baby to be

    Homemade Ginger Ale – morning sickness remedy

    I was being interviewed last week for an article for by the talented Shelby Driggers. We were talking healthy choices and got on the topic of soda and decided to create a healthy alternative together…  Heres our HOMEMADE GINGER ALE .This is also a fabulous remedy for morning sickness and a lot healthier then the sugar and chemical filled sodas from the store .

    Lori and Shelby’s Homemade Ginger Ale

    1/2 cup of grated fresh ginger
    1 1/2 cup of water
    4 tbsp Agave Nectar, or to taste
    Club Soda
    Fresh mint

    Bring to a boil the ginger with the water and reduce to a simmer for 35 minutes. Remove from heat and let sit for 15 minutes. Once cooled down, add the Agave Nectar. Then use a hand mixer to puree.

    Take 1 1/2 tbsp of the ginger mixture and pour over a glass of ice. Mix in club soda and stir. Top with a fresh sprig of mint as garnish.

    **Ginger can be pretty bitter if not sweetened to your exact liking. Be sure to taste test and find the exact amount of Agave that speaks to your taste buds


    Birth prep exercise – Focused breathing

    Birthprep :This is a great #exercise to practice your #labor #breathing and #visualizations to. You can #breathe thru anything for a 30 count breath !!! Imagine a line going up as you count SLOWLY to 15 noticing how it peaks , then count backwards SLOWLY from 15 down to 1 as you visualize a line coming down the other side almost like a mountain peak. This is how long a contraction usually lasts ..( trick here is to count slow and don’t rush ) Find a wall space place your hands at your side with your feet hips distance apart . Put a soft ball or yoga block in between your thighs above your knees. Position your body like you are sitting in a chair. When you start feeling a burning in your legs, close your eyes and start to visualize and count . When you get back to 1. Stand then do a few more rounds . You can also have your partner count and you can do a focused breath breathing Example : “Breathe in peace exhale tension” or “breathe in strength exhale doubt “


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