Holistic remedies for insomnia during pregnancy


Most of my pregnant clients At some point  experience  some form of  insomnia . Here are some remedies That have helped them . 
– No coffee , tea or chocolate after 12 pm.
– Get lots of fresh air .
– Get plenty of exercise a physically tired body sleeps more soundly.
– Don’t eat large meals late at night .
– An over active mind can result in insomnia . Keep a “ to do “ and / or journal by the side of your bed . By writing out all that you have to do , your excitement or fears of birth and all the changes that are happening in your life you will be moving it out of your head and body and on to the paper. Most of the time you will find that it is so much bigger when it’s in your head. So write away !!!!
– Limit fluid intake a few hours before bed .
– Take a relaxing warm bath before bed with calming oils such as chamomile .
You can also diffuse in the air or put a
few drops on your pillow.
– Avoid daytime naps .
– Warm glass of organic milk before bed .
– Chamomile tea or catnip tea.
– Eat a high protein snack before bed. ( EX: hormone free turkey and a warm glass of organic milk )
– Natural calm – powered drink before bed ( available at all health food stores)
– 50 mg of vitamin B6.
– Transition time – create a space before you end your day and go to bed. (EX: put on relaxing music and read, take a bath or write in your journal). Watching the news before bed isn’t a great idea. It has been reported that people who watch the news before bed have more restlessness and anxiety while sleeping.
You can calm and relax your whole entire body by just breathing .
-Laying in bed slowly begin to pay attention to your breath.
– begin slowing down and deepening your breath. Inhale for 3 slow deep counts , pause and exhale for 3 slow counts. If a thought comes in acknowledge it then go right back to focusing on your breath .
– repeat this for 3-5 times while trying to make the inhales and exhales the same in length.
– Just by doing that you should now start to feel more relaxed.


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