SOMETHING TO PONDER : What would you tell your child to do ?

SOMETHING TO PONDER : What would you tell your child to do ?

  Mothers tend to do for their children what they might not always do for themselves . However your actions and experiences are setting the bar for your children to follow in . Over the years I have had women come to me and  tell me how they are  in a toxic ,unhealthy and  loveless relationship , they hate their job and feel miserable and depressed  or were being bullied by a boss or friend  . I always listen and then ask them these simple questions   :

  1. If this was your child and he/ she was in this relationship , job or having this experience with a friend  , what kind of advise would you give them ?
  2. If it’s not ok for them , why is it ok for you ?
  3. What kind of example are you setting ?  You are setting the pace by showing them that this is ok.
  4. What advise would you give your child and how can you apply this to your self and situation ?

2 Responses to “SOMETHING TO PONDER : What would you tell your child to do ?”

  1. 1 Bonnie B Matheson August 18, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    I would tell my child to be true to themselves.

    And to women everywhere. Be true to yourself. If you hate your jobe leavee it. I know that jobs are scarce. What is your sanity worth?
    Become an entrepreneur. Make your escape by planning ways to bring in money another way. Don’t just jump into unemployment. But do not let your job “kill you” just because you feel you need it. There are other jobs, and other ways to make a living. Research them and find one.

    If your relationship is toxic, and you cannot fix it with counceling and prayer and talking to each other, then you MUST think about leaving it. Is it helping your children to stay? If you have no children, are you staying because of vows to be united til death or because you are scared about what will become of you? What will become of you if you stay?

    You have a right to survive. If you are in a relationship or married or simply friends with someone who is impacting your health or safety. Leave.

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