Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” –Buddha

 The first step in healing the world begins with healing ourselves . The healthier , more conscious , aware we become the healthier , more conscious aware those around us will be . We attract what we are  and what we vibrate at . . Everything in this world is energy including us and the planet we live on. The higher we raise our vibration as a collective , the energy on earth will be raised  . feelings such as hate, fear , anger , greed , depression , stress, negative thoughts and beliefs and control lower our vibration while peace , love , compassion , joy , happiness , trust  and faith  , positive thoughts and beliefs raises it . This is illustrated beautifully in the book,” The True Power of Water” by Masaru Emoto. Emoto demonstrates the energetic power of our beliefs with water. It’s amazing when someone thinks or feels love for someone how it makes a beautiful shape in the water, when someone thinks and feels fear its shape becomes ugly and deformed.

The state of the world is in crises its future lays in the hands of our children. To raise healthy, conscious, aware highly vibrational  children we must first raise our own vibrations to lead the way .

 Every day there are children ( high vibrational souls ) that are being born for this time . If energy attracts energy and your vibration is low you wont be able to  carry a high vibrational child  in your body. It wouldn’t be an energetic match .  The good news is that Its never to late to change and grow .If you already have children you can raise the bar by blazing a path of light for them to follow by elevating your own vibration and energy. 


EAT HEALTHY WHOLE  ORGANIC FOODS THAT GO THRU YOU NOT CLOG YOU UP  –  Stay away from foods that are processed , full of pesticides , hormones or preservatives . Plant based diets are amazing for raising your vibration. Be conscious when eating animal products. I don’t know if you have ever seen anything about how cruel and inhumane most animals treated and the terrible way in which they are killed. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT – you are ingesting the energy of what that animal felt , which means fear and suffering becomes part of you. If you do eat meat make sure its grass feed and hormone free. The best place to buy is from your local farmers market be sure to ask a lot of questions about how they were raised. Stay away from white breads, pastas and starches (empty calories) that do nothing for your body but fill and constipate you. When you are all clogged up so is your energy flow . Eat whole grain breads and cereals , brown rice pastas , and grains things that move thru and feed your body . The healthier and cleaner you eat the better you will feel . the  better you feel the higher your vibration will be .

 EXERCISE  – gets you energy flowing ands moves stress out of the body . It gets you breathing in oxygen, heart pumping and blood flowing. Walking in nature helps ground your energy, yoga is great to clear energy and open and get into your body. Exercise raises your endorphins and serotosone levels. In turn making you feel good and happy a high vibration energy.

REST- DOWN TIME – just as important as it is to move your body , you must rest and take down time to recharge your batteries . When you are totally depleted and drained so is your energy, this lowers your vibration. Just like you fill your car up with gas, you need to fill your self back up so you can keep on going. So rest up!! If you feel bad about doing nothing, Remember you are doing something, replenishing yourself is a necessity!!  

CUT BACK OR EVEN BETTER CUT OUT DRUGS AND ALCOHOL – When we use drugs, alcohol to suppress, numb or check out from our feelings, this lowers our vibration. When we don’t feel , we don’t deal . you can only sweep stuff under the carpet for so long before its starts to come out and pile up even bigger then it was when you first started , best to feel the discomfort , sit with it , process , move the energy so you can clear it and move on . If you can’t be present with your own uncomfortable feelings like sadness, loneliness, anger, grief, pain and stress then how can you be ok with anyone else’s? like your partner , children’s or friends emotions or feelings ? You must first begin to show up for you , only then will you be able to be there for another .

CLEAR YOU WOUNDS – Lets face it we all have stuff, nobody is perfect!! It’s important to become aware of and clear our past and childhood wounds. When we operate from our wounded place we come from a lower vibration. Go to therapy or where ever you need to go or whomever you need to see to clear your past. Don’t bring your past into the present. Watch projecting your wounds on to others. Example – If you haven’t dealt with your own wounds before getting into a relationship or having a child you might try and fix your self thru others. It’s not theirs to carry or take on.  So do your inner work, heal the scars that you are carrying with in . When you do this you will raise your vibration

FIND COMPASSION – We are all unique individuals; each on of us has our own soul and special path in life. Its important not to judge another, we have no idea what lessons they are here to learn in this life. An easy way to find compassion is to open your heart (come from a loving place), put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel what It must be like for them. Whenever you come from a place of love and compassion you raise your vibration

 EMBODY SELF LOVE – Yes, we have all herd this a million times “ You cant truly love another until you first love your self “, it so true!!! When you embody self-love you will manifest relationships from a place of wholeness instead of fear and lacking. Nobody will EVER be able to fill that void and make you feel loveable (trust me I know, I tried it for years) . They might for a short while but it will only be a temporary fix. When you truly love and except your self all the good and the bad so will everyone else. “ Your first and most important relationship should be with yourself, all others are simply mirrors of that “ Love and compassion are a high vibration when your heart is open and you are feeling good about yourself, you are beaming out that energy into the world, sending as well as attracting others to you with the same vibration.

 FIND FORGIVESS – “ To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that that prisoner was you “. Smedes. When we cant let go of holding on to anger, resentment, sadness or grief our energy is lowered. “ Anger is an acid that burns away the delicate layers of your happiness “- Unknown. It’s difficult to find love and compassion when your heart is filled with this energy.  Everything that happens to you happens for a reason, that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. This is an exercise I do with my clients to help forgive and let go. What event or what person hurt your heart? Who or what caused you to have sadness and pain?  Looking back at who you were then and who you are today, What lessons did you learn from having this experience? There is always a lesson to be learned, when you can find the lesson you begin to see this situation or person as a gift. When you see that you actually received a gift its easier to forgive and let go, setting your heart free to love , have compassion and experience joy. Everything and everyone comes into your life to help you grow and evolve , LOOK FOR THE LESSON , LEARN FROM IT , TURN THEM INTO GIFTS  that you can apply to on your journey of life .

 LET GO AND GO WITH THE FLOW  – When I think about going with the flow I always think about white water rafting. Growing up in Aspen, river rafting was a summer ritual that I always loved. Getting in the raft and going down the rapids, enjoying the ride as the river morphed into different shapes and forms was such a blast!!  Being on that river you experienced rapid to slow movement, ruff to smooth and peaceful to chaotic. You never knew what was right around the corner, yet you trusted the flow and went with it. Of course there were rocks and obstacles along the way that would pop up occasionally that we would paddle our way around as we continue down the river. Never did we try to fight against the flow and decided to point the raft up stream and paddle, knowing that we would waste a lot of energy and wouldn’t get anywhere, that would be totally ridiculous!!! I think about that river when I think about the flow of life. I see so many people who are constantly fighting against the flow. There is a natural rhythm in life, slow times are followed by busy times, sadness is followed by joy, highs are flowed by lows … you get the jest. Things are constantly changing and evolving. Don’t get attached to one way and try to stay there when life is pulling you in another direction. When we stay stuck staying in unhealthy relationships, unfulfilling jobs, toxic behavior patterns or negative thoughts that we have out grown and is no longer a match, we end up using all the space in our lives leaving no room for the new to come in. Staying stuck lowers your vibration, trying to control everything is like paddling the raft up stream, it will exhaust you and keep you stuck, which lowers your vibration. So turn that raft around point it down stream, go with the flow, let that river of life guide you to where you are meant to go.” LET GO LET GOD” and trust that where ever the flow is guiding you, is somewhere you are meant to be, even if it might not make sense at first. When you can trust the flow of life, doors will open and your life will become magical.

BE GRATEFUL – Gratefulness is the key to a happy life that we hold in our hands, because if we are not grateful, then no matter how much we have we will not be happy — because we will always want to have something else or something more.
Brother David Steindl Rast .When you live in appreciation for all that is, your life becomes magical, a high vibration energy.  When we  are overly focus on what we don’t have  it can lower our vibration and spirits , you can shift  the energy of lack to abundance  by acknowledging all that’s in your life to grateful for . You can even find appreciation in challenging situations and events when you learn to find the lesson it held and grow from it .EVERY NIGHT BEFORE BED LISTS 5 THINGS YOU WERE GRATEFUL FOR THAT DAY. I suggest you do this every night with your kids as well , it helps them to see the good things in their day as well as helps you get a feel for what makes them happy and feel good . children are such a great lesson for us to learn from, they see beauty in the simple things in life . This is a wonderful thing to do with your partner as well . we are really good at expressing what each one of us is doing wrong but not enough time communicating  what we are doing right .

LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE – There is always a positive and negative point of view that one can choose to see. When you focus on the positive side life begins to become magical.  When lousy things happen that one might perceive as bad, try to connect with the lessons you learned from having this experience you will then see it as a gift. There is always a positive side to every situation. Chose to see your glass half full instead of half empty.  Living from and making choices from this place with boost your vibration.

DON’T GOSSIP OR SPEAK ILL OF OTHERS – We are all one and we all come from the same source, God. We are also mirrors of each other, so if there is something you don’t like in another (SOMETHING TO PONDER) could it be the disowned part of yourself? When we speak ill of others we are also speaking ill of ourselves (we are one). When we gossip or talk bad about another we are actually sending negative energy out to that person. Which in turn not only lowers their vibration but our own as well. We all herd this saying as children, “ If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone then don’t say it “. It’s very simple!! Sending someone good thoughts or vibes and speaking kindly about another will elevate their energy as well as your own.

AVOID FEAR BASED MEDIA OR ENERTAINMENT – Lets face it the news today is filled with fear and negativity. There have been many reports  that  show people who watch the news a lot have more fear , worry and anxiety then those who don’t watch the news that often. And what is fear , worry , anxiety ? Low vibrations… I suggest if you are a news watcher, switch to the paper or read on line, you can pick and chose the news you would like to see. Avoid seeing movies and TV shows that are fear based . Try watching and reading feel good  shows and books for a while and notice the difference of how you feel .

SPEND TIME WITH PEOPLE WHO INSPIRE AND YOU FEEL GOOD AROUND, PUT SPACE BETWEEN PEOPLE WHO DEPLETE YOU. –” KEEP AWAY FROM PEOPLE WHO TRY TO BELITTLE YOUR AMBITIONS . SMALL PEOPLE ALWAYS DO THAT, BUT THE REALLY GREAT PEOPLE MAKE YOU FEEL THAT YOU, TOO, CAN BECOME GREAT.”- MARK TWAIN. Nobody can bum your high more then a negative person!! You know these people, they are the ones who live in fear and are always looking at the negative side of life. Watch spending too much time with these people they will try their best to dim your light and bring you down to their low vibration, misery loves company!!  Begin to notice with whom you feel good and alive around, after you leave them you don’t feel drained, but you feel inspired. Positive people are supportive and up lifting. Being around these two very different energies can totally effect your own. So choice wisely with whom you would like to spend your time and share your energy with.

BE OF SERVICE – “ Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves “ M Barrie.There are so many different ways to help make a difference in the world or in a person’s life. You can’t help but feel good when you are doing something that is gong to help another. I am a huge animal lover and have placed a bunch of amazing dogs in loving homes. I don’t get paid cash for this but when I find a great home for an animal the amount of joy that I feel is priceless!!! Get involved with charity or organization that supports something you are passionate about. Do something kind or nice for someone as often as you can. You can do something as simple as smile, say hello or give a compliment to a stranger. When you help lift someone up, you can’t help but lift yourself up as well .



  1. 1 mozaik April 12, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    best of the best power blog tenks admin

  2. 2 Danielle Smith March 20, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    This is so true and when we do this we will find our body heals from disease and pain. Thanks for all your work, i love to read your blog

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