Being present with yourself

When taking someone thru my Rooted for life program one of the things I work on when preparing a woman to birth herself, as a healthy mother is to help them be present with themselves. If we can’t be alone, present and ok with ourselves, the good, the bad and the ugly how can we be able to be present and ok with our children?

I teach a weekly Wednesday night yoga class (transformational healing flow) at up dog yoga in West Hollywood, Ca. . Something I do weekly in my class is to have My students hold deep stretches for a very long time. I have them work with their breath and breathe into and feel their tightness. After a few rounds of this I then have them name it. Some people name it pain, stress, protection or tension. Again I have them stay there with it, breathing into it and then exhaling out the pain, breathing in healing energy thru the in breath and exhaling out the tension. As they do this body starts to let go and open as they begin to go deeper inside. After awhile, with out over thinking it, I have them ask their body, “ What am I holding in here? What emotion or feeling is under this tension, tightness, stress “? Some people get frustration, anger, sadness, loneliness… again I have them sit, feel and breathe into it. This is when the people in class usually start to fidget, look around, zone out or take themselves out of the pose.

How often in life do we do the same thing? We start to feel too much; it gets uncomfortable so we take ourselves out of the hurt. We distract ourselves staying as busy as we can so we don’t have to feel our pain and suffering. We shut down, close off or numb out with addictions avoiding our selves at all costs. But we can only sweep things under the carpet for so long before it starts to pile up and seep out again. When we are able to sit with and feel our pain, explore and process it the energy begins to move and dissipate.

The last thing I have my students do is to explore that feeling or emotion that they are carrying. I have them look at where and how this feeling or emotion is manifesting and playing out in their lives and then explore where it is coming from? I have them breath in the opposite of the feeling so if they feel sadness I have them breath in Happiness and exhale out thru their mouth any sadness in their life or body. By just sitting with themselves for a while and feeling their stuff an amazing thing begins to happens, the energy begins to shift as the pain and suffering goes away.

You don’t need to be in yoga pose to work thru your stuff, you just need to make the time by allowing yourself to be alone  , drop in , check in and  feel what’s going on. I am big into journaling to help process thru things. I always say, “ Get it out of your body and on to paper”. When It’s in your head it’s so much bigger then it is when you have it all spelled out in front of you. The quicker you can do this and allow yourself to go with in  the faser you will clear the energy.

When we aren’t able to be there for ourselves and understand our own pain and suffering how can we be there for another? As a mother there will be days when your child is sad, angry or just having a hard day. The more you can be there for yourself, explore and be ok with your own feelings and emotions, it will allow you to be ok and comfortable with another persons.


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