Music for DEEP relaxing

I promised my students and clients a list of albums I love for relaxing and zoning out. Here it is….. Finally!!!! ☺

Great for massage, bath, meditation, sleep or  if you need to chill out and unwind from a stressful day. I use these a lot as a tool for my “heady people “ when they can’t shut off their brain I turn on one of these and BOOM they go totally out..

I always have my pregnant moms around 5 months (when the baby begins to hear sounds) start to play music for their baby in the womb.
By playing this kind of music the baby will be calm and relaxed as well as familiar with the sound and can use later as a tool for soothing and calming later. This would also great for the birth room to make a play list out of that will help relax everyone.

You can also play for children of all ages – a great transitioning tool for sleep or to help unwind after a busy day.

I even play around the house to calm my new puppy down and in my car when stuck in traffic.

Listed below are albums only so go thru on i-tunes and see which ones resonate with you.

1.    Liquid mind – there are a few albums I love of theirs – Unity , dream , sleep, spirit, serenity , relax , refection and lullaby

2.    Aeoliah- Angel love and the reiki effect

3.    Anugama – The lightness of being and healing relaxation

4.    Steven Halpern -Tonal Alchemy and the OM zone.

5.    Liewellyn – Music for reiki attunement vol#1 and sleep gold

6.    David and Steve Gordon – Heart of peace, meditation drum  and misty forest morning

7.    Deuter – Koyasan, reiki sound healing, Buddha nature

8.    Splendor of meditation –The healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls with rain and water fall

9.    Music for deep meditation – Tibetan singing bowls, Indian flute, Chanting OM and meditations on the 7 chakras

10.    David sun – Eternal spirit

11.    Sambodhi  prem – Reiki Forest

12.    Nadama shastro – Reiki offering

13.    Shajan – The healing touch and The ocean of silence.

14.    Deva Premal – The essence

15.    Darshan Ambient- From pale hands to weary skies and The Zen masters diary

16.    David Darling – Cello Blue

17.    Tony scott – Music for Zen meditation

18.    Jon Gilutin – When the heart speaks


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