A few years ago I helped host a baby shower for a dear friend of mine and lead all the guests thru a baby blessing ritual. Everyone LOVED it especially the pregnant mommy. It was so awesome and heartfelt and so many people asked me to email them the ritual that I wanted to share it and pass it along to all of you.

What you need to do is have all the guests bring a special bead of some kind. It can be a crystal, glass, stone, wooden bead or charm that represents something meaningful.  Some suggestions (these are the ones I always seem to use):
Rose quartz – The stone of love and heart
Moon stone – the stone of fertility and the goddess
Turquoise – the stone of healing
Ruby or carnelian – stones for the 1st and 2nd chakras both to help with labor and birth
Hematite – grounds and balances energy
Amethysts – quiets the mind and helps promote peace.

I have seen people bring wooden carved beads of the Buddha or a prayer bead blessed by Tibetan monks, Beautiful glass heart shaped beads, charms of lucky and infinity.. Whatever you bring make sure it has meaning and it is a bead because it is going to be strung on a necklace.

You also need small white candles to give out to all the guests and a bowl of some kind to put beads in.

To begin have everyone get in a circle (holding their bead) and have the pregnant mom sit comfortably in a chair in the middle. Place the empty bowl next to her. And give everyone an unlit white candle.

You can use a mist of rose and or jasmine (these are the oils of love) to spray the room and set the energy. Simple to do just get a spray bottle with water and add some essential oils.

I have everyone close their eyes and hold their bead to their heart, Then have everyone start to breath into their hearts and as they exhale push the heart energy into the bead.

Next I have them think of the woman and child they are honoring having them feel all the love, joy and gratitude they have for this person. Again breathing in that love and pushing it out their heart into the bead.

After that I have them all create an individual intention for the mother and child and again feel it in their heart, as they exhale they push it from their heart into the bead.

Once the intention has been set I have 1 person at a time step forward into the circle, kneel down and place their hands and bead on the pregnant moms belly. Coming from that place of love I have them speak from their heart and say out loud their intention for the mother child and family. After they are finished they drop their stone in the bowl next to the mother.
When everyone has had their turn, I have everyone hold hands, close their eyes and beam love from their hearts to the mother and child.

You can either string it yourself to make a necklace or if you are lazy like me you can take it to a bead shop and have them do it for you. Have the pregnant mom wear when in labor or have it by them in the birth room. After it is to be kept in the baby’s room.

Make sure you pass a piece of paper around and get   everyone’s email info then pick one person to be responsible for it. When the pregnant mother goes into labor that person who has the list is to email everyone at the shower and let them all know she is in labor.

You are to light the candle, feel what you felt in your heart during the ritual and send that energy of love and your intention to her and the child. Also send positive healing energy and light for a GREAT birth.


5 Responses to “BABY SHOWER RITUAL”

  1. 1 JACOB VANGELISTI February 17, 2012 at 1:42 am

    I believe in this very powerful force in if you hope in something with your heart and your hands. Some call it love. Some hope. It will come to be. My philosophy on book learning is leaning towards osmosis. Figure when a person holds a book gently in their hands, in their heart and head they hope to get intellectually stronger, smarter, useful, purposeful. That hope bleeds into what is being held. This hope energy stays with the book. And the next person picks up the same book, has the same hope, and so on and so forth. The more holders of this book, the more energetic this feeling will be. When we put this same hope in a persons hands rather than a book, hand in hand, that’s what love is: Hope Realized. Keep reading, keep loving. Hold your loved ones with your heart. Cheers, –jacob

  2. 2 baby4shower March 1, 2012 at 7:17 am

    I also think that prayer can make us more optimistic….. niche info… thanks 4 sharing

  3. 4 Jane February 27, 2013 at 2:50 am

    Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your article
    seem to be running off the screen in Chrome. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know.
    The design and style look great though! Hope you get the problem
    resolved soon. Cheers

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