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Rooted For Life NEWS !!!! ….Pregnancy Cook Book coming soon !!!!!!!! yeeehawwww !!!!!

After years of working with clients( pre pregnancy , pregnancy , birth and after) by helping them to create a solid foundation in all areas for their child to grow from  .. I have finally started writing and working on The rooted for life cook book !!! As many of the woman know who have gone thru the journey of pregnancy with me I give a lot of attention and time on the healing properties of food and what it is doing for both you and your developing child . Not only are you building a foundation for your child to grow on by the foods you eat but you are also setting the palate for the foods your child will crave later in life . I am co writing this book with a client and now a dear friend of mine who during her pregnancy worked with me weekly and did my whole rooted for life program  . She ate the foods I suggested and came up with some fabulous recipes . while we were walking one day after the birth of her son we talked about the cook book and decided to do it together . Over the next few months I will be posting some of our recipes so stay tuned !!! Cant wait to share our creations  with all of you !!!!

This photo is my writing partner Jenna and her amazing , healthy , gorgeous and happy ( rooted for life – have to proudly say ) baby Max. Yesterday while we were working … he just sat there and chilled with us for 4 hours smiling away until he passed out 🙂 Awesome mommy and amazing baby ! LOVE them and am so happy she is my partner with this project !! xL Imagemin

” CALM “drink … LOVE for pregnancy

This is something I always recommend to all my pregnant girls . Not only is it full of minerals thatImage your body and baby needs but it also promotes a good night sleep , helps relax your body, mind and aching muscles , eases constipation and leg cramps . Get the one with added calcium . Love the raspberry /lemon flavor >> YUMMY ! 

Body revolution – AMAZING way to loose weight after baby

Body revolution – AMAZING way to loose weight after baby

With bikini season right around the corner and after a long winter of working and not enough working out I started to search for something to help get me in shape that didn’t require hours and hours of time that I didn’t have. A few friends and clients told me about Jillian Michaels body revolution , that they loved it and were seeing major results and the best part …. you only do it for 30 MINUTES A DAY !!!! Needless to say I ordered it right away !! Just started it and am LOVING it !! Jillian is so motivating and inspires me to work hard in her typical ass kicking way ( which my lazy ass needs )  While I was doing it I thought OMG this would be an amazing  tool and program to help my girls get back in shape after a baby . I know how limited a new moms time is but you all can find 30 minutes  in your busy day to do this for yourself. You can do it at home and all you need to buy are some light hand weights . What I also like about this work out  program is it starts off easy and gradually gets harder as you get stronger . It comes with an awesome meal plan but I suggest that if you are still breastfeeding to add at least 500 or more calories to the diet plan . ( Eating a low calorie diet can deplete your breast milk so make sure you are getting enough food ) Always wait the required time and make sure its ok with your doctor before you start exercising after the birth of your baby.

See you all at the beach this summer.. I will be the ripped cougar in the string bikini 🙂 LOL

NEVER react from an emotional place …

NEVER react from an emotional place ...

We have all done it .. Someone triggers us , a feeling begins to rise up from deep with in and before we know it we are lashing out and throwing our emotions on to others . Usually its our shit that is being triggered and really has nothing to do with them but we are so uncomfortable FEELING it we just vomit our emotions on to others . When ever you start to feel that bubbling up from with in pay attention to the signs in your body. An example of it coming on might be, your jaw begins to tighten just before the rage starts to rise , a lump forms in your throat when you feel sadness , or your stomach gets a pit from fear … thats when you take a beat , breathe, walk away and excuse yourself ;then sit , feel and explore what this is triggering inside of you . (Nobody can bother you unless you are already feeling it with in) When you get to the root of it you may find that it triggered a sore spot within you that may need more work and deeper healing ; therefor it might not need to be communicated with anyone else but your own knowing only. If you discover something else , like maybe one of your needs isn’t being met .. after you take a beat and get in touch with the root of it you can then communicate what you need from a place of calm and clarity , You will be herd better then when lashing out in anger .. When you react from an emotional place Not only will they Not hear you but you will push them further away . Can you imagine if we all started doing this in our lives how different our relationships , careers , family and over all quality of life would be ??? There would be so much less upheavel in the world !! xoxoxo Lori B

just saying ……..

just saying ........

A way to be at peace- Trust you are exactly where you need to be and experiencing just what you need to experience … all is unfolding perfectly … when you compare yourself to others and what they have , you won’t appreciate all that you do have . Remember the grass isn’t always greener on the other side .. it just may look that way sometimes …. Go find and enjoy the gifts in your life today.. they are always there- sometimes they are just hiding in the ruff 🙂 xoxoxo Lori B

A tip for first trimester of pregnancy

Taking vitamin E 300-600 IU per day during the first trimester of pregnancy has been known to help the embryo adhere to wall of your uterus and helps prevent miscarriage  . Only take thru the first trimester .  xoxo L   Image

love this picture !

love this picture !

A way to buy less expensive fertility drugs.

Less expensive fertility drugs.

The other day when I met with the fabulous Margot stuart founder of Ready Me Baby she turned me on to some valuable information that I couldn’t wait to get out there in the world . I have watched clients and friends spend countless dollars on fertility treatments and meds . Anyone knows that has under gone any kind of fertility treatment it’s not easy on the wallet . In LA most of the fertility doctors will have you get your meds from MDR pharmacy, apparently they are specialty meds . Margot shared with me an amazing tip for getting specialty fertility meds for cheaper by shopping online at Walgreens Specialty , they offer the same meds as the expensive MDR pharmacy but for a lot cheaper . 

Another adorable photo opp !!! LOVE it !!!

Another adorable photo opp !!! LOVE it !!!


-THE ROOTED FOR LIFE MONTHLY PROGRAM – from pre pregnancy/fertility, pregnancy and birth – postpartum.

Each monthly package includes  –

-1 1&1/2-hour fertility, prenatal or postnatal massage.

– 2 1-hour fertility, prenatal or postnatal yin and restorative yoga sessions with meditation and breath work.

– 1 Hour fertility, pregnancy, birth or postpartum coaching – Which includes an over view of what’s going on with you and baby depending on where you are at in your journey. Foods and recipes to eat that support both your body and your growing baby for each month of development. A monthly theme with tools for you to work on thru the month to help birth yourself as a mother. Holistic remedies of all kinds for all your aliments, a baby bonding meditation / visualization and breath work and support for your emotions, mind, body and spirit. (Can be done in person or on the phone)

– Suggested books, articles, products and handouts

– Referrals of all kinds

– All your questions answered throughout the month via text or email.


BIRTH PREP– includes -Creating birth plan, preparing you and partner for birth, talking about different birth options, help you to find your way and truth for the birth that feels right for you, tools to help you prepare, suggested books and articles depending what you choose to do, working on non attachment, letting go and allowing enfoldment as birth is karmic and something you can’t predict and lastly working thru any fears you or your partner might have.

THE BIRTH – I am on call 1 week before and 1 week after your due date, phone is on and ready to go whenever you go into labor. I come at any point you need me and stay for a few hours after the birth to make sure you are ok and all settled. During the birth I create a peaceful space with candles, aromatherapy and soft soothing music.    During the birth I massage you, do guided breath work, visualizations and meditations. The whole time supporting your body, mind and spirit.

POSTPARTUM VISIT – A few days after baby is born I come do a follow up visit making sure you all are doing ok. I bring holistic remedies for after birth or breastfeeding support, check in and do some coaching for emotional support to help with the transition and offer referrals of all kinds.


-1 1&1/2 Hour massage

– 5 1&1/2 Hour massages

– 10 1&1/2 hour massages

(The more you buy the less expensive and better deal you get)


-1 hour yin and restorative yoga healing session – all sessions include breath work, meditations and visualizations to connect with baby and clear away any stress or emotions that prevent you from being calm and at peace.

-5 1-hour yin and restorative yoga healing sessions

-10 1-hour yin and restorative healing yoga sessions


1 – 1&1/2 hour sessions
This can be done at any time in your process whether it is fertility, pregnancy, birth or new mom related. In my coaching sessions I cover things from emotional and physical support, diet, lifestyle, holistic remedies, referrals, suggested reading and tools for you to use to take with you that pertain to what you are going thru.

For more information regarding pricing and availability please contact me at:


Looking forward to connecting with and helping you thru this wonderful  and transformative journey into parenthood!  XOXO Lori

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