NEVER react from an emotional place …

NEVER react from an emotional place ...

We have all done it .. Someone triggers us , a feeling begins to rise up from deep with in and before we know it we are lashing out and throwing our emotions on to others . Usually its our shit that is being triggered and really has nothing to do with them but we are so uncomfortable FEELING it we just vomit our emotions on to others . When ever you start to feel that bubbling up from with in pay attention to the signs in your body. An example of it coming on might be, your jaw begins to tighten just before the rage starts to rise , a lump forms in your throat when you feel sadness , or your stomach gets a pit from fear … thats when you take a beat , breathe, walk away and excuse yourself ;then sit , feel and explore what this is triggering inside of you . (Nobody can bother you unless you are already feeling it with in) When you get to the root of it you may find that it triggered a sore spot within you that may need more work and deeper healing ; therefor it might not need to be communicated with anyone else but your own knowing only. If you discover something else , like maybe one of your needs isn’t being met .. after you take a beat and get in touch with the root of it you can then communicate what you need from a place of calm and clarity , You will be herd better then when lashing out in anger .. When you react from an emotional place Not only will they Not hear you but you will push them further away . Can you imagine if we all started doing this in our lives how different our relationships , careers , family and over all quality of life would be ??? There would be so much less upheavel in the world !! xoxoxo Lori B


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