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I need to do a major over haul on my website as my company Rooted For Life and I have  both grown so much the past few years .. In the mean time I wanted to update you all on my Transformational healing sessions and classes thru my blog . When I was in ” The healing phase of my life ” I was not only doing major therapy and healing work on myself but studying all forms of holistic healing as well . It was probably the one of the most important, painful  and transformative times of my whole life so far . I always had this deep knowing that as I was healing myself , shifting and getting healthy that it wasn’t just for me . I always had a sense that some how I was going to help others heal but I had no idea how . During this time I worked with therapists , life coaches and all different kinds of healers to heal my  wounds ( Michele Meiche has been the most helpful and to this day I still work with her and can honestly say I wouldn’t be who I am today with out her wisdom , support and guidance ) . Many of the healers let me apprentice them teaching me all their ways. I took workshops , classes , seminars , read every book on healing , spirituality, self growth  and health . I remember one of my therapists looked at me and said , “I see most people who work on themselves as an onion, slowly peeling away the skin but you on the other hand have devoured it and gone right to the root . During this time I also got really into yoga and used it as another form of healing . I studied with and became great friends with Seane Corn . I did her class everyday, went on all her retreats and during that time took my yoga teachers training at yoga works . During her  powerful retreats something incredible always happened , I always came back feeling lighter and clearer. Each time I went on one ( which was a lot during this time ) I always moved  major energy and would let go of things from my past ,negative feelings , beliefs that no longer served realizing many of them weren’t even mine , got clear on my wounds and emotions that were blocking me . I even got the name Rooted for life and saw a vision of what I was meant to do with pregnant woman ..

For years I was doing body work and wanted to start working with the body differently , I had also had shifted myself and ” healing people” became draining , an old energy and operating system that no longer served me . I still wanted to help people but instead of me healing them I thought I could teach others how to heal themselves just as I have done. I work mainly now with all things pregnancy but  still wanted to work with the main stream and all walks of life. So I put together my transformational healing yoga sessions and classes . It’s a blend of all the things and tools I learned along the way . I mix together chakra work , life coaching , energy work , breath work , yin and restorative yoga , movements , visualizations and meditations for healing , intuition , body work , massage , aromatherapy  all done to music and in a cozy sacred space filled with candlelight . My intention is to help shift and transform peoples energy by helping them clear what no longer serves and find their truth by getting in tune with their gut knowing and what is right for them. Sort of like the retreats I went on only in an hour and a half class or session .

I teach a weekly class at up dog yoga and cycling  in west hollywood , Ca- every Wednesday night at 7:45-9:15 pm

I also do transformational healing sessions privately they are amazing for anyone who wants to clear and move energy and go deep with in to find your truth .

For more info please feel free to contact me at :

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