Mother and child the energetic bond – something to ponder – A mothers knowing

For some women mothering comes easy as if its second nature and for others it can be a hard and rocky road. I don’t believe that all woman are born with motherly instints however we all are born with intuition . All of us especially woman have an unexplained “GUT “knowing and a deep and bond and connection to their children . I have seen many woman who have shut theirs down or don’t trust their own instincts because somewhere along the way it wasn’t nurtured properly .Perhaps someone or society said it was wrong, that they were crazy to believe that  or maybe they followed it and didn’t like where it took them . I can tell you when you do follow your truth it will always lead you to where you are meant to go . Sometimes you might hit a few much needed and painful road blocks to get you there . Many people don’t like if they hit  road blocks so they stop listening and trusting themselves and begin to turn outside for answers . We all have the answers with in , we just need to get quiet enough to hear them . Trust yourself to know that you know better than anyone else whats right for you , your children and family .

During pregnancy the umbilical cord is connected to the placenta as it feeds and nourishes the developing baby.When a child is born the cord is cut but there will always be an energetic cord that links the two of you together . Over the years as a child grows a healthy mother will slowly allow that energetic cord to get longer and longer by allowing space between the two of you. That cord will never go away even with the physical space you will always be connected  . While your child was growing inside of you not only did the foods you ate feed them but your energy went into and became part of them as well – in other words there is a part of you in them .

I have said this before and I feel really strong about this we pick and choose our parents before we are born and have soul contracts with them . Babies come to you how and when they are supposed to . If its adoption , via surrogate , your partners child or your own they are your children and your souls have already made a pact to come together there for you are already connected on a deep soul level . The are no accidents you were meant to be in their lives and parent them , you will know what they need and how to be there for them. I have seen women with children that are a handful and I always say with encouragement – I know this child wouldn’t have come to you if you weren’t able to handle it , sometimes you need to just dig deep with in and access a part of yourself that you never knew existed before .


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