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Kallima fertility Meditation – Stress and fertility a good tool for you

Kallima fertility Meditation – Stress and fertility a good tool for you

I can’t express it enough how detrimental stress is to your fertility. A big part of what I do with my fertility clients is to help them de stress by using a combination of life coaching , yoga , meditation / visulizations , massage as well as dietary and life style changes . Up until a few years ago I never knew how much stress played a part in healthy fertility. I always had a VERY low FSH and my periods were always regular until I went through an incredible emotional stressful period in my life. My cycle got all tweaked out and during that time I got my hormone levels (FSH) tested , only to find they were  dramatically higher . My doctor called me into her office to talk to me and asked what was going on and if I was ok at which point I bursted into tears and told her about everything that was going on in my life . She suggested acupuncture , yoga , meditation , some form of emotional support and massage . Being the good student that I am I did all the above and a few months later all was back to normal . I found this meditation on iTunes and liked it . Its easy to follow for even for those who have a hard time with visualizations and meditations . Listen to it before bed or in the morning . Peace out and happy baby making X Lori

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea – Fertility , Pregnancy and Birth


Red Raspberry Leaf tea is one of my all time favorites for pregnancy . There are so many healing benifits from drinking this tea. You can drink hot with some lemon and honey , iced with some fresh mint and lemon , iced mixed with some pomegranate juice for an antioxident blast or I even make Red Raspberry leaf and honey ice cubes for clients sometimes to chew on during a hospital birth. 


– Rich in vitamins C, E, B- complex , calcium, iron , potassium and phosphorous    

-Tones the uterus and muscles of the pelvic region 

– Increases fertility in both men and woman ( blend with red clover leaf for more potency)

– Helps balance out your monthly cycle

– Prevents miscarriage

– Eases morning sickness and nausea

– Aids in bone development of baby

– High in antioxidants

– Increases blood circulation    

– Lowers blood sugar levels 

– Helps prevent dehydration 

-Boots over all health and strengthens Immune system  

– Relieves constipation 

– Helps sooth a sore throat 

– You can gargle with it to help treat gum diseases

– Reduces pain and helps with labor both during and after 

– Helps to  prevent postpartum hemorrhage 

– Aids in production of breast milk 

Drink anywhere from 1-3 a day 

I read somewhere someone suggested 1 cup first trimester, 2 cups the second and 3 cups during the 3rd trimester 

*Suzan Weed 


choose your words word’s wisely ……..

choose your words word's wisely ........

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