Have a birth plan and then let go of attachment .

I LOVE this quote by Marianne Williamson
“Things don’t spiral out of control when we surrender them; they spiral out of control when we try to control them”. When I first read this I went right to the birth experience and then of course life in general .

When I prep someone for birth the first thing I have them do is to tell me about their ideal birth and fears , blending the two of them together I come up with a plan to best help support their vision . The next thing I do is give them a long lecture on the art of non attachment and allowing .

A person once told me the way a woman approaches and carries herself in birth is the way she approaches and carries herself in life. It’s so true !!! I can tell so much about a person and the way they handle life just by being in the birth room with them .

You can’t predict birth, babies come into this world how and when they are supposed too . Birth is a total karmic experience . You have no idea what your body or baby is going to do , how you are going to feel and how things will unfold. The ones who have the best birth experiences are the ones that have a plan and prepare for it but then can switch gears if the experience happens to take them in a different direction then they had planned for. Have trust in and surrender to the process ….  By the way, a GREAT metaphor for life ……

I have known a woman who’s water broke and didn’t go into labor she wanted to go all natural and was in fact insistent on it  but her body and baby had other plans, she ended up getting induced 24 hours later and ended up having a c section the next morning because her cervix wouldn’t dilate . Another person wanted to labor at home for hours but her contractions came out of nowhere 2-3 minutes apart and had to go to the hospital earlier then planned . A client wanted an epidural but her labor was so fast she missed the chance . Lastly I know a girl who’s baby was WAY too big to get out and after 40 hours of labor needed to have a c- section.I am not trying to scare you ; but as you can see non of this was planned . Again any of these situations someone could spiral out of control if they were overly attached to it being a certain way.

For many of years I have been known for my healing body work , the most ridged and controlling people have the tightest bodies . They can’t let go and relax leaving their bodies ridden with tension and stress . Same thing in birth if you can’t let go and surrender your body and cervix will tighten but when you can allow and go with the unfoldment of birth or even life in general your body will open and relax .

So something to remember while in labor , have your plan , strive for it and then simply let go , trust the process , have faith in your body that you can do this , surrender to the unknown and enjoy the ride !!

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