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Relief for swollen feet during pregnancy


Because of the extra fluids , weight , pressure on the veins and hormonal changes towards the end of pregnancy its VERY common to have swollen feet .

Here are some great holistic remedies that I always recommend –

– Elevate your legs by placing your feet up on a feet pillows a few times trough out the day , especially at night . Always keep your head propped up about your heart .

– Exercise to keep the circulation moving .

– Regular massage with an extra foot massage , helps with circulation and fluid retention.

– Soak feet in warm salt water then massage with jojoba oil with an added blend of a few drops of peppermint oil to help cool , a few drops of grapefruit oil for anti-inflammatory ,a few drops of ginger oil to reduce swelling and improve circulation .

– Don’t cross your legs.

– Sleep on left side .

– Roll feet on tennis ball for 4 min .

– Soak feet in tonic water.

– Swim.

– Wear comfortable shoes .

-Soak feet in ice cold water .

– Roll feet on ice cold cans.

– Avoid anything salty .

– Wear support hose.

– Flex and point your feet and do ankle roles through out the day .

– Stay hydrated – Drink lots of water .

– Stay cool .

Reclining baddha-konasana for fertility

Another one of my favorite yoga poses I love to do when teaching fertility yoga is reclining baddha-konasana . This pose not only increases fertility  but also does so many other wonderful things and  feels amazing !

Reclining baddha-konasana calms the mind , helps ease anxiety , fatigue and irregular periods . It opes the chest and hips while releasing the lower back . It increases fertility by simulating circulation and increasing blood flow in the whole pelvic region ( hips, groin , uterus and ovaries )  as well as the legs .

Materials :

1 Bolster , or 2/3 folded yoga blankets stacked or you can improvise at home with a few long firm pillows stacked on top of one another .

How to do :

Place the bolster , stacked blankets or pillows the length of your spine .

Sit in front so lower back is up against the bolster …

Bring the soles of your feet together as close as you can towards the groin and let your knees fall out to the side.

Gently lay back on the bolster , open your arms out to sides with palms up .

Stay here for 10 min and do some slow deep belly breathing . What I like to do with my clients is to have them breathe in their baby ( right into the lower belly, like they are becoming pregnant with it ) and exhale out any past disapoinments , frustration , sadness , stress , fear , anxiety or doubt ( anything that might be blocking or shutting  them down from being open to receive their baby ) Image

Homemade after birth pads to helps with the healing process .

My homemade after birth healing pads …. A must after a vaginal birth. Helps speed up the healing process . Image 


  • Comfrey root leaves (You can buy them in bulk from a health-food store or herb place.)
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Witch hazel
  • Organic mini pads or panty liners (Note: You don’t want the pads too thick, or it gets messy.)


1) Boil comfrey root leaves in water and steep for a few hours.
2) Add a little witch hazel to that water.
3) Add a few drops of vitamin E oil to mixture.
4) Dip a panty liner in the mixture to saturate, then wring out some.
5) Wrap liners individually in saran wrap and place in freezer, laying them flat.
6) Continue making until mixture is gone.

Post birth, place frozen pad in your underwear  to help speed up healing . Leave in for 10 min a few times a day .

My blue birdie .. A must for all expecting and new parents . BEST new online shopping site plus so much more

All new and expecting parents out there .. Check this AWESOME site out  ! There is a new hip and cool online shopping site launching tomorrow that I am sooooooo excited about! I asked my friends at my blue birdie a few questions and here were their answers . They ROCK be sure to sign up

For their weekly sales and lots more ! I’m really fired up about this site !!!

It’s a gold mine  find !!! Just had to share with you all !!! xL

What’s the concept of my blue birdie ?

MyBlueBirdie helps you plan for your baby, shop for products from trusted brands and save as much as 75% with price-busting flash sales and everyday deals on baby basics.


What makes you guys different from the other on line shopping sites out there ?

We are not just a sale site we are much more. A new breed of website: retail, editorial and flash events!

Our retail partners: Magic Beans and Right Start make buying the must-have’s and ‘nice-to-haves’ an easy process!

Upcoming flash events: Paige Lauren Baby, Felix Rey, Melissa & Doug, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Paige Maternity, Little Giraffe, Brody & Cole Maternity, Icky Baby, Barn Organics, 9 Seed Maternity, Sage Spoonfuls just to name a few!


Do you offer  daily ,weekly or monthly  deals ?

We do – we offer amazing flash events every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday starting at 6am pst!

What’s your demographic as far as the people you mainly cater too ?

New and expecting parents! We are also offering must have maternity and active brands for mom!

When do you launch ?

Tomorrow at 6am! Sign up now!!!!

One feature that REALLY sets MyBlueBirdie apart from other sites is the email series. Parents that sign-up will receive an email every three months through the first three years. These emails, from the experts, serve as a timeline. For example: “Your child is 3 months old. Developmentally, these are milestones you should be hitting or hit soon and these are things to watch out for.”

Check it out !!!!!!



 Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01CC7133.951BA730

I love this blessing …

I love this blessing ...

I always thought this would be so cool to paint on the walls in a baby’s nursery or children’s room !!!

Always smile back at little children ….. ( quote )

Always smile back at little children ..... ( quote )

Always smile back at little children .

To ignore them is to destroy their belief that the world is good .

Acupuncture for fertility , pregnancy and postpartum .. Mirela Rohan … LOVE her !!!!

I have been getting weekly acupuncture treatments for over 3 years now and I can’t even begin to tell you how much it has changed my health , energy and over all being . I was seeing a bunch of different people for treatments that were all fabulous . I kept hearing about this woman Mirela who was having amazing results with people having fertility issues . I found out she is considered the ” navy seal of fertility acupunture “. Mirela  ( a secret find ) is who the Doctors turn to when they have tried everything . Needless to say I just had to meet her and experience what she does as I don’t like to refer my people anywhere unless I try it first . so I went , was blown away and fell in love !!! She has gotten my body balanced and working again like it was years ago !! What I also love about Mirela is that she works closely, one on one . She takes her time with you and is 100 percent invested in getting her clients healthy and balanced . She is who I refer all my people to who for fertility .I asked her a few questions about fertility , pregnancy , postpartum and why do acupuncture ? I am a huge fan ,fully support and believe in it .


Tell me about your background and how you got into specializing in fertility/pregnancy acupuncture

I graduated from Emperor’s College in 1999 with a Masters in Oriental Medicine. Like most acupuncturists, I treat patients with a variety of health issues.  Over the years, the focus of my practice has flourished in the area of fertility and women’s health.  Personally, it has been the most gratifying experience helping my patients through their infertility and pregnancy.

How does acupuncture help with fertility?

There are two ways to answer this question: we can answer this question based on ancient medical theory, or from the Western point of view based on medical research.  According to ancient medical theory, we have meridians.  The flow of energy through meridians is the basis of our health.  Disruption of the flow can lead to illness, including infertility.  Specific acupuncture points can affect the flow of Qi in meridians.  The scientific explanation is completely different.  Studies have indicated two effects of acupuncture: central, on the hypothalamic pituitary-ovarian axis, and peripheral, on the uterine blood flow.  The research has indicated the effects of acupuncture on the central nervous system, particularly β-endorphins, or feel-good hormones.  The effects of acupuncture are mediated via neuropeptides, which influence gonadotropin secretion through their action of GNRH.  The logical conclusion would be that acupuncture may affect the menstrual cycle through neuropeptides.


  • Improves ovarian function to produce better quality eggs
  • Regulates hormones to produce a greater number of follicles
  • Increases blood flow to the uterus, and increases thickness of the uterine lining
  • Relaxes the patient and decreases stress level
  • Improves success rate of IVF

How do Chinese herbs work and help with fertility?

Traditional Chinese medicine treats infertility on the basis of differential diagnosis to resolve underlying patterns of disharmony.  There is either a “deficit” or “excess” condition.  Based on this diagnosis pattern, custom herbal formulas are created to remedy the condition.  In addition, Chinese herbs decrease undesired side effects from invasive procedures and drug therapy.

Is there anyone that is trying to get pregnant that acupuncture won’t help?

There is a certain percentage of couples that will not be able to conceive despite all combinations of Chinese remedies and Western medicine.

Can you take herbs while undergoing IVF treatments?

In most cases, a combination of acupuncture and herbs will enhance results of IVF treatments.

How long does it take to get your body balanced and ready for pregnancy?

In most cases three months, though in some cases it can take 6-12 months.  Consistency is crucial to balance all of your phases of the menstrual cycle.

How often?

One to two times per week.  If preparing for IUI and IVF, twice a week before ovulation.

Overall during pregnancy how can acupuncture help?

1st and 2nd trimester

Acupuncture treatments can be helpful throughout pregnancy.  Acupuncture can calm morning sickness, treat insomnia, edema, low back pain, sciatica, frequent colds, sinus congestion, etc.  Often acupuncture is used in cases of threatened miscarriage.  Traditionally, acupuncture is used to strengthen the constitution of the mother to be, and aid in smoother pregnancy.

3rd trimester

During the third trimester, acupuncture prepares the body for labor and delivery.  In case of breech presentation, specific treatments are given week 32-36.  After week 39, treatments for labor induction can be given.  During the third trimester, weekly treatments are recommended to promote shorter and less complicated delivery.

After birth during postpartum, how can acupuncture help with this transition?

Traditional Chinese medicine considers post partum a pivotal time in women’s health.  The process of delivery and childbirth can often create deficiency.  Often Chinese herbs and/or acupuncture are used to address the issue.

Conditions that acupuncture can help in the post partum phase:

– post partum depression and anxiety

– post partum fatigue

– insufficient lactation or excessive milk production

– mastitis

– constipation

– hemorrhoids

– joint pain

– back pain

Contact info : 

Office : (310) 276-0027 


Please let me grow as I be, 
And try to understand why I want to grow like me, 
Not like my mother wants to me to be,
Not like my father hopes I’ll be,
Or like my teacher thinks I should be,
Please understand and help me grow
Just like ME! 
– Magda GerberImage

Molly Sims baby shower … Many loving shower rituals !!

Molly Sims baby shower … Many loving shower rituals !!

It seems like every weekend these days I am going to another baby shower …. A few weeks ago I was at Molly sims shower . Her shower was one of the most beautiful, heart felt and loving showers that I have ever been to !! Molly was showered with so much love and gratitude  from all that were there . Her friends that threw it for her put together some really awesome shower rituals that celebrated both how special Molly is, as well as many magical blessings for her baby. By the end there was not one person in the room with a dry eye , it was So touching and beautiful !!  I wanted to share with you all .

EGG “NIC” MUFFIN – Please excuse the presentation .. Martha Stewart I am not :-(

For  many , many years one of my very best friends Nicolette and I have been exchanging health information as well as YUMMY and clean food recipes . Here is one she came up with that I LOVE and have been eating ever since she emailed this to me a year ago . This is one of the recipes in The Rooted For Life cook book that my Cook book partner Jenna and I are working on. I love this  recipe for  pregnancy as it’s super  high in omega 3 fatty acids . I don’t think you can eat enough of good fats when you are pregnant . Did you know 70 percent of the good fats you eat when pregnant go right to your baby’s growing and developing brain ? Yup .. this recipe will literally feed both you and your baby’s brain .


1 Food for life – Ezekiel organic sprouted live grain cinnamon Raisin English muffin –

1 Tablespoon of organic coconut oil

3 organic egg whites and 1 whole egg

big handful of organic spinach

2 slices of organic cheese or rice cheese ( thats what I use )

1 cut up organic avocado and 1 /2 heirloom tomato cut up

1 tablesppon olive oil

Himalayan pink or Celtic sea salt

organic black pepper

How to prepare –

Cut English muffin in half add  some of the coconut oil and toast in toaster oven

In a frying pan add the remainder of coconut oil , you can add more if you need to . When melted add the 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg . scramble together and add in raw spinach , salt and pepper as you cook the eggs .

When cooked , take out toasted english muffin and top with cooked egg  and spinach  then top with cheese or rice cheese and place back in toaster , toasting until cheese melts .

Cut up tomatoes and avocado and mix together as a side salad, add olive oil and sprinkle some salt to taste .


English muffin- a good source of good carbs full of grains that help give energy

Coconut oil – High in omega 3 fatty acids – good for both you and your baby’s brains , heart and skin.

Eggs – High in protien to help build muscle , rich in Lutein which is good for the eyes , a food source of Vitamin D and high in Choline which helps regulate the brain and nervous system .

Spinach – Rich in Iron ( good for Anemia ) , high in calcium for strong teeth and bones  and rich in omega 3 fatty acids for your baby’s developing brain and heart .

Cheese – Good source of dairy for building strong teeth and bones

Olive oil – Good source of omegas – again great for your baby’s developing brain and heart as well as both yours and your baby’s skin .

Avocado – Rich in omegas – At this point  I am sure by now you know what they do 🙂

Tomatoes – Anti cancer , good antioxidant that feed both you and your baby’s cells.

Himalayan pink sea salt – promotes healthy PH balance in your cells especially the brain cells , regulates water content and prevents muscle cramps . Image

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