The postpartum period – A time of transition and integration

For a majority of the people that I know, change and uncertainty can be a scary thing . After the birth of your baby your life will be different , which doesn’t necessarily mean its a bad thing . Think about it, with any major life changing event comes a time of transition and integrating the new into your existing life . Somethings fall away and new things are brought in. Same thing when you have a child. So many things happen , first of all you are not only birthing a baby but another part of you that has never existed before as you are now a mother . And with this new part of you comes all new feelings and openings that you never felt or experienced before.Things you might have found important before don’t really matter as much any more while other things that you might not have thought about matter a lot . Your partner has also birthed another part of themselves as a parent / father and with that can sometimes trigger a feeling of responsibly and fear of providing for . Both of you are having your own feelings and experiences trying to digest and integrate these new parts of yourselves. Before your baby came it was just the two of you and now you have to allow time and patients to integrate this new little being into your relationship and life .

Then there is your baby , who is physically here but not totally of this world yet . They have to slowly transition from the cozy comforts of the womb into the world. Your baby is totally helpless and needs you to do everything for them as they can’t exist without you . Babies don’t come with an owners manual , each and every baby is different so you need to find your way and use this time to figure out how this baby of yours ticks .

Your hormones are in flux, your body is in-between  a pregnancy state and what it was and your sleep is not normal and all out of wack .

THIS IS ALL NORMAL AND VERY TEMPORARY !!! This is not the way your life is going to be , you are in transition. You are all just finding your way , you as a mother , your partner as a parent / father , you both as a couple , your baby here in the world and you all as a family .

Surender to this time and carve out a period after the birth of your child and allow the space so you all can  find your way. The ones who have the hardest time after the birth of their baby are the ones who keep trying to get back to the way their life was. Im not saying that aspects of it won’t still be there , some will ; but with every birth comes a new beginning . This postpartum transition period , when you make room for it will be the bridge that gets you there. So again , surrender , know it won’t always be like this , allow time for all of you to find your way in this new life you just birthed.



1 Response to “The postpartum period – A time of transition and integration”

  1. 1 Betst May 1, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    This article totally captures where I am right now. Thank you Lori!

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