Reclining baddha-konasana for fertility

Another one of my favorite yoga poses I love to do when teaching fertility yoga is reclining baddha-konasana . This pose not only increases fertility  but also does so many other wonderful things and  feels amazing !

Reclining baddha-konasana calms the mind , helps ease anxiety , fatigue and irregular periods . It opes the chest and hips while releasing the lower back . It increases fertility by simulating circulation and increasing blood flow in the whole pelvic region ( hips, groin , uterus and ovaries )  as well as the legs .

Materials :

1 Bolster , or 2/3 folded yoga blankets stacked or you can improvise at home with a few long firm pillows stacked on top of one another .

How to do :

Place the bolster , stacked blankets or pillows the length of your spine .

Sit in front so lower back is up against the bolster …

Bring the soles of your feet together as close as you can towards the groin and let your knees fall out to the side.

Gently lay back on the bolster , open your arms out to sides with palms up .

Stay here for 10 min and do some slow deep belly breathing . What I like to do with my clients is to have them breathe in their baby ( right into the lower belly, like they are becoming pregnant with it ) and exhale out any past disapoinments , frustration , sadness , stress , fear , anxiety or doubt ( anything that might be blocking or shutting  them down from being open to receive their baby ) Image


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