NYC parenting group Seedlingsgroup comes to LA

NYC parenting group Seedlingsgroup comes to LA

Last week I had the pleasure to meet with Co-founder Aliza Pressman of the Seedlingsgroup . Aliza recently moved to LA and not only brought her fabulous self and awesome family but she also brought her booming NYC baby group (seedlingsgroup)  here as well .

Aliza Pressman received her M.A. in human development from teacher’s college and her PH.D. from Columbia university.  Aliza is on faculty at Mount Sinai School of Medicine as a clinical instructor in the Department Of Pediatrics where she teaches Pediatric Residents Child Development and Parent Education and runs parenting groups for at-risk mothers.  for the past few years, she was a research fellow at the National center for children and families, which informs the policy, education and development of children, and their families. Aliza presents at professional conferences and has published chapters on child development.  She teaches a course on infant development at Columbia University.  Aliza is certified to teach parent management training from the Yale parenting center, certified to train parents she can problem solve and raising a thinking child program by Dr. Myrnashure.  She is also the mother of vivian and penelope

I know there are tons of baby groups here in LA; but what I love about this one is it is done at your house , you can gather your friends together or she will place you with like minded people that live in the same area as you , I love this !! Aliza was also telling me that she offers not only mommy and me groups but mommy , daddy and child groups as well , Which I thought was pretty awesome ! Most mommy and me groups go til age 2 this one keeps going as both you and your children grow . I am a HUGE fan of this – Aliza doesn’t believe there is only one way to parent your child ( as no two parents/children  are the same ) , she really takes a look at who you are , your lifestyle , who your child is and builds from there . Aliza also works privately one on one with clients and I personally know a bunch people who she has helped tremendously with their children . I love this girl and highly recommend her group as well as working with her privately .

I asked Aliza to tell me a bit more about Seedlingsgroup and this is what she had to say –

whether you want to learn about what you can expect with prenatal
sleep preparation or get some tips on establishing healthy routines
during the first few months, we’ll help you set the tone for helping
your child learn how to sleep through the night in a way that makes
sense for your baby and your family. we will work with you in your
home or through phone consultations to help you and your child sleep
well! we won’t preach one type of sleeping location or style is more
right than another. we work with each family, weather co-sleeping or
independent sleeping, breastfeeding on demand or more schedule
oriented to help you help your baby get the sleep she needs.we offer a six-week and ongoing group devoted to empowering new moms
to become parenting experts.  topics include anything from
breastfeeding, sleep (or the lack of), and in-laws, to choosing toys
and materials, nurturing child development, responsive parenting, and
the emotional wear and tear of the newbie period.  bring your baby,
relax, and meet other new moms in a comfortable and nurturing
environment.  already have a group of mom friends? we’ll come to your
home and provide a customized new mom’s group to discuss topics that
concern you (and new things to consider!). discussions continue
throughout the first years and groups can be customized to accommodate
any age and stage.we offer a multi-visit program designed to help your caregiver better
understand and nurture the cognitive and social emotional development
of your infant or toddler and to facilitate increased communication
regarding your child’s development and your expectations.providing safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate toys isn’t as
easy as it sounds.  there is so much to choose from and many concerns
about what’s out there and what benefits or detriments toys can have
on child development.  let us help ease your concerns and the hassle
of finding the right toys and materials for your child’s ages and
stages.  we will send you safe, and developmentally appropriate toys,
plus ideas for fun activities at every developmental stage. we will
help you set up a playroom, bedroom or home that helps your child’s
growth. we are committed to finding toys that are made in europe or
the usa, and that are considered healthy for the planet and for your
baby. of course, we are  even more committed to finding toys out of
natural materials in and around your home, that don’t need to be
purchased.through individualized sessions, we provide specific, useful, and
research-based information to prepare you for the range of normal
developmental challenges from temper tantrums to separation anxiety,
being bullied to being the bully, handling non-negotiable issues
versus negotiable ones, as well as various others including, feeding
issues, getting your baby to sleep through the night or your child to
stop biting, to name a few.  our mission is to help you develop highly
effective ways to nurture your babies’ growing mind, emotional
well-being, and social relationships.  we’ll be there to provide you
with cutting edge research on any child-related topic that concerns

For more info  on Seedlingsgroup click on the above link at top

or you can email Aliza directly at


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