PLEASE Don’t judge … something to ponder ….


Ladies , Ladies , Ladies … come on now … As we all know parenting is hard enough as it is without all the judgements from others.

I can’t tell you how many women I work with who have come to me with tears in their eyes because their friends and peers have made them feel awful about the way they are choosing to raise their child .  I even see it in pregnancy when others poo poo a persons birth choice . JUST BECAUSE A PERSON IS CHOOSING TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY THEN THE WAY YOU MIGHT DO IT OR HAVE DONE IT , DOESN’T MEAN THAT IT IS WRONG . Something that I pride myself on doing when working with clients is to help them find their truth in what FEELS right for them and supporting them in that choice . I once worked with a girl that couldn’t breastfeed , she tried everything before stopping . She was lectured by her doctor , her friends and even her mother , finally she spoke to me about it . I remember saying , ” I am proud of you for trying ,and now lets research what the best formulas out there are” . She looked at me and burst into tears , thanking me for being the first person that didn’t judge her . She told me that she started lying to others, saying she was still breastfeeding just so she didn’t have to hear others projections that made her feel worse then she was already feeling. Another person didn’t want to get an epidural in labor because her mom and yoga teacher said it was bad and they didn’t have one.  She couldn’t handle the pain ( as we all have a different pain tolerance  ) and needed the epidural then cried the whole labor feeling she let them down and did something wrong . It shouldn’t be this way !! We all ( us women) need to come together  and support one another by empowering each other and be supportive of others in their choices . Think before you judge another or push your views and opinions on to others , Nobody is perfect including yourself . You have no idea what it’s like for the person you are judging . Who they are , what they are capable of , what it is like to be them or even what their path has been ……  No two people are alike and no two children are alike , what might be right for you might not be right for another . So PLEASE think , feel and pull up  some compassion and empathy  from with in before condoning another just because they are choosing to do it differently then the way you think it should be .


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