A few Holistic remedies to help with breastfeeding

Within the past 3 weeks a bunch of my clients have recently given birth … I have been emailing them foods and remedies to help them with breastfeeding . Wanted to share some of the info with you all .

Foods to eat that help breast milk supply and quality– ( * university of wisconsin’s Integrative medicine )

Salmon – Eggs – Yogurt- Oatmeal -Almonds – Pecans -Peas- Asparagus – Apricots – leafy greens- Berries – Green beans – Fennel Carrots – Sweet potatoes and brown rice .

Holistic Remedies –

Sun – Chlorella – Enriches breast milk also helps blocks environmental toxins from going to baby through breast milk .

Have a beer – (alcohol free ) The hops in beer helps produce more milk

Sleep – I know this is a hard when when you have a new baby . Try to sleep as often as you can when the baby sleeps .

Nurse , Nurse and Nurse some more….. – The more you nurse your baby the more milk you will make

Stay hydrated – Drink one 12 oz glass of water every hour of the day . Always drink a glass while feeding your baby . coconut water is wonderful for hydrating yourself .

Drink red raspberry tea– I like to make a pitcher of it , add some agave , fresh lemon , mint and have my clients drink through out the day . You can also drink Mothers milk tea ( red raspberry tastes better ).

Fenugreek – 1-4 capsules 3-4 times per day

Alfalfa caps – 4 capsules 3 times a day

Anise tea –

Cracked or sore nipples – (make sure you clean off ointments .. creams …ect  before breastfeeding your baby )

Calendula cream or ointment 

Comfrey root ointment 


 Apply pure Vitamin E oil

Aloe vera gel – if cracked

Expose nipples to air and sunshine

Painful Breasts

Place a  handful mixed of comfrey leaves and fresh or dried parsley in a cotton diaper or towel . Tie with rubber band seep in simmering water for 10-15 minutes then compress the breasts with  hot bundle 

Grated raw potato place in bra .. remove when dry 

Raw cabbage leaves  in bra 

Place hot compress on breasts before feeding to help draw out the milk . 

*( Suzan weed ) – My go to reference .. LOVE her !!!  There is an amazing book she has out that I use constantly called ” Wise Woman herbal – childbearing year ” She also has a great website that I am always on looking for information www.Imagesuzanweed.com


2 Responses to “A few Holistic remedies to help with breastfeeding”

  1. 1 Shannon K. July 6, 2012 at 12:36 am

    Hi Lori! Love your blog!
    A friend of mine actually made me lactation cookies and I swear they helped! It didn’t hurt that I felt like I was eating a cookie for an actual purpose other than a treat.

    Any thoughts on dieting to lose the baby weight but still maintaining your milk supply? I cut calories in an effort to lose 10lbs but had to stop because my supply wasn’t there (for twins!).

    All the best to you and your awesome business.

    Shannon (Nicolette’s niece)

    • 2 rootedforlife July 6, 2012 at 5:03 pm

      those cookies look amazing ! have tho share w my peps !!! You have to keep up your calories up for your milk supply especially with twins .. but you can eat clean .. foods that feed you , lots of colors , good fats … keep breast feeding and it will eventually come off … ps they are so cute !!!! congrats !!! xo L

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