the 40 day rule .. postpartum

the 40 day rule .. postpartum

I read this article and wanted to share with you all … LOVE it….  except the part about not showing or bathing … 😉 Just saying .. might make you feel kind of gross … 

I also think it is so important !! Too many are in a hurry to get back to what was and what was is changing .. also body needs time to heal after birth and pregnancy .. and there needs to be a time for integrating and transitioning the new you and baby into your life . As when you birth your baby you are also birthing a new part of yourself that has never existed before .. A mother is born ,,, I am a Big fan of SURRENDERING and ALLOWING for that healing transition after birth ! My clients that allow the space for this have 0 postpartum and have an easier transition into motherhood ! xoxoxoxox L

Here is another link to another GREAT article that someone on my ROOTED FOR LIFE face book page posted that is awesome as well !!!


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