Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead .

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead .

It is amazing how things show up in your life at the perfect time ! The other night I was with a friend of mine telling her all about what I was working on healing in my life right now which is softening , receiving, being more vulnerable basically becoming more feminine . She told me about Brene’ Brown’s new book , ” Daring Greatly ” . I ran out and bought it the next day and I am LOVING it !!!!!! I saw Brene’ first a while back on a TED lecture she did about vulnerability and it really made an impression .

This is an amazing book for all woman , to live , lead , love and parent by !

To be vulnerable takes guts ! It is scary taking the risk to really put yourself and needs out there trust me I know ! After years of doing it and getting hurt I slowing began to shut down and put on a hard shell . After a while I got strong like a rock where nothing or nobody could penetrate or hurt me and moved more into my male energy while shutting down my female power.I was basically keeping myself in a man made jail .  I gave and couldn’t receive , I never asked for help , If I was going thru a hard time I’d go majorly with in and hide out and deal with it myself or call a teacher / coach / healer for support , I picked relationships with narcissists who would just take and make it all about them so I wouldn’t have to take the risk of being vulnerable for fear of being rejected because I too had needs . You can only run from the truth for so long before you soul shouts at you that this isn’t working . I will say this, strength is something I needed to develop and where I needed to be for a while as I was at the opposite end of the spectrum years ago . Sometimes I find while making a transition you go from one end of the spectrum to the complete opposite before finding the balance .

I was at workshop  led by my spiritual life coach /teacher michele meiche http://www.selfinlight.com where she had us pick cards from a deck  , I asked her what mine meant and she said , ” it’s time for you to soften you don’t need to be so strong anymore ” . The buzzer went off in my head saying yes it is time , I can’t live like this anymore and the healing into the feminine  began . With michele’s priceless coaching and monthly workshops ( for those who read my blogs know how much I love and am so grateful to her her guidance and support) and with this amazing healer Peter Evans (310) 721-6480 ( best and most transformative healer I have ever worked with in my life ) the Goddess is finally  emerging from her shell 🙂

I have started to asked for help and support , cried , broke down , felt and shared my uncomfortable feelings and because of this a beautiful thing happened – People were able to be there for me and am now starting to have more balanced and authentic relationships where I not only give but I can receive back as well .

It is hard these days for woman , it is easy to harden in a world that we need to be so strong in to survive . when we do this we shut down our true nature . Living greatly is about being in your feminine power to lead , to live , to love, to parent all from this place of coming from true authenticity. I highly recommend to all this fabulous and much needed book !! I am loving it and soaking up the wisdom on every page ! Helping me to blend the yin with the yang  ( as you need both ) to live more  in complete wholeness and balance .

xoxoxoxo Lori B


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