A natural and chemical free way to pamper – THE BROOT – an all natural hair treatment bar

A natural and chemical free way to pamper – THE BROOT

Everyday for the past month or so I have walked by the Broot on my morning walks with my dogs . The other day I needed a little pampering and decided to wonder on over and check it out . I love the concept , especially for pregnant woman , kids , people with illnesses or anyone that is chemically conscious about the products they are using on their body. The Broot is a all natural hair treatment bar that uses only fresh organic ingredients such as bananas , avocados , mayonnaise , eggs, honey,  coconut , olive and jojoba oil.

You pick from the menu the treatment you want and they blend it up for you right there . I chose the Reconstruct treatment which is a blend of Bananas ( takes away frizz and moisturizes), Mayo ( Adds strength and protein) , Coconut , olive and jojoba oil ( for shine ) and Honey ( locks in  moisture ). It smells like banana cream pie – soooooo yummy !!!!  They apply it back at the sink bowl and give you the most AWESOME scalp massage EVER !! Tip – Rakiah gives the BEST head massage !!! You can pay extra for longer .. I highly recommend !! I literally could have laid there all day with her rubbing my head !!

Next you sit under the dryer for 15 minutes , they wash your hair with this fabulous all natural Paraben and sulfite free macadamia oil shampoo and conditioner then you can have them braid your hair any way you want . I got a cool fishtail braid . The whole holistic treatment is only $35.

When I was finished I walked directly across the street to Bellacures to get a mani and pedi where they have the all natural Mom-I -cure . Its a manicure and pedicure but all the creams and soaks they use on you are paraben , sulfite and chemical free .The polishes are all non toxic , toluene , formaldehyde and DBP free ) .

I know how conscious my clients get about what they put on and in their bodies while pregnant and also with their children . These are some great non toxic pampering places and ideas to do when you need a little extra love .

I ended my day  next door at sweet lady jane for some tea and cake as I was craving banana cream pie after my hair treatment !!

The Broot – 1626 Montana Ave , Sanata monica , ca 90403 – ( 310 ) 230-5317- http://www.the broot.com

Bellacures – 1609 Montana Ave , Santa monica , ca 90403 – ( 310) 584-4584 – http://www.Bellacures.com


2 Responses to “A natural and chemical free way to pamper – THE BROOT – an all natural hair treatment bar”

  1. 1 lacy February 26, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing this! This is SO cool! I definitely will be making a few of these for my hair. This post reminds me another reason why California is such an amazing place to live!

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