HAVING BABIES LATER IN LIFE – Post birth ….. things to watch for …

In todays world more and more women are postponing getting pregnant and starting a family much later in life . Years ago 20-30 was considered the norm to have a baby where now with women having bigger careers , fuller lives,  and waiting until they have come in to their own as a person,  30-40+ is the norm . Over the past few years my client base has definitely gone up in age . Many of my clients are in their 40’s , some thanks to IVF , Egg donors and a TON of them who naturally got pregnant on their own. There are so many wonderful things about becoming a mother later in life . You tend to be ( however I do know a bunch of  mature younger women in their  late 20’s that are all this too ) more patient , understanding , emotionally stable , financially secure  as well as more secure and stable in your relationship and wiser as a person from life experience . There are a few things I have seen and been through with my clients that I want to share with you all just to be aware of post birth . This might not ever happen to you but I have happen to have seen this a lot in my older clients post baby.

1. HORMONES DROP –  sometimes when you have a baby later your hormones take a nose dive after especially if you have gone through any kind of fertility treatment . Important to keep up weekly acupuncture treatments for hormonal balance and yin deficiency. Get blood work drawn to make sure your hormones are ok .

2. THYROID CAN GET WACKED OUT – This I have seen a lot !! When you get blood work done for hormones also have them check your thyroid .

3. THE TRANSITION INTO PARENTHOOD CAN TAKE A BIT LONGER AND BE MORE OVER WHELMING– If you have waited until 40+ to have a child chances are you have had a pretty big life . Slept in when you want and really only had to take care of yourself and maybe your husband  ( or like a me – a few dogs ). your relationship was always the 2 of you and now you need to integrate this new being into the mix as well as your own space in your life . Rule #1 – DON”T compare yourself to anyone !! Some people make it looks easy and for them it might be ( or they could be just showing the world that it is – as you never know what really is going on behind closed doors ) We all have different levels of energy, coping and issues  . Allow more space and time for the integration of this new child and the new you into your life .. Get extra support ,Image Don’t rush to get back to what was as it is changing . You are learning a new way and new grove. You have been dancing for a long time a very known and comfortable dance that you most likely have gotten very good at . Be patient with yourself as you learn this new mommy dance . Think about this …. someone in their 20’s who  had a baby has not lived  the 20 years or so that you have lived before having a child -thats alot of life in-between to transition into . Be gentle and easy with yourself !!  I always say that the first few months after birth is a time of transition and integration ..Don’t beat yourself up if it takes you a little longer to get in the grove of parenthood .

Again non of this might ever happen …. I have just been seeing this  and I like to prepare everyone .. Just some things to watch for and understand .. xoxoxo L


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  1. 1 Meva November 27, 2012 at 3:00 am

    I really love every single one of your blogs. Thanks for sharing!

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