Remember the more you are authentically you the brighter your light shines ♥ Michele Meiche

We all are born into this world with an individual soul , life path , gifts and way to express ourselves that makes us special and unique . It’s in our true nature or being that holds all the gifts that we are meant to share with the world .  I am a doula and have the privilege of helping babies come into the world . I always tell my people to look into their baby’s eyes when it’s born as it will be the closest you will ever see to someones soul.

There are too many unconscious people who are trying to heal their childhoods through their children . I have seen people trying to make their children do and be things that they wanted to do or be when they were young  but didn’t or couldn’t . Sometimes I see people ( of course with the best intentions ) wanting to give their children things that they never had . The problem is  just because you wanted to do or be it doesn’t mean that your child necessarily does. One of the best ways to be aware of this is to ask yourself who am I really do this for ?

When you are ok with truly being yourself you will only then be ok with your children and loved ones being who they are . People that try to change and control others usually are not very comfortable with themselves . So before trying to mold your child into being something you want them to be maybe stop take a beat and see what might need some changing , healing and excepting in yourself ?

I remember years ago working with this couple who had one of the most interesting kids I had ever met , I would go to lunch with him and he would passionately tell me about things I never even knew about butterflies , artists , science experiments  bugs and the stars . He was 5 at the time and truly fascinating  to the point people around us stopped talking to listen to our conversation. His father was a big sports fan and had introduced him to soccer and basketball but the little boy showed no interest . After practice he just wanted his parents to take him to the library to get a book on metamorphose , history of pirates or dinosaurs . The father kept pushing the sports but after watching his child suffer and not enjoy it the way he did , he really took a good look at himself and realized he wasn’t doing this for his child but for himself . When he stopped and took a good look at who this little miraculous being was and was able see and except that this amazing boy was very different then he was, thats when he saw just how special this little guy was in his own way . After school activities became art classes and guitar lessons , adventures were going to the science and art museums and in summer he went to science camp . Needless to say he is thriving in his own authenticity because his parents have allowed and supported him to just be him . Image

It’s important to expose your children to different kinds of activities But just notice if you are pushing them in an area that really isn’t supporting who they really are just to please you.



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