children today from an intuitive perspective – Q and A with michele meiche

As many of you who know me and read my blog I often talk about my fabulous teacher michele meiche . She is amazing and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her priceless guidance and wisdom !!! One of the MANY gifts michele has is her physic ability . I asked her a few questions about the children that were being born now and in the future , about autism and ADD  … Here is our Q and A .. Image

Bio –  Michele Meiche is a natural psychic and according to her parents she would go into a trance-like state and start talking endlessly in preschool and  “all the little kids would just listen to her”.  When Michele asked: “What was I saying?” Her parents would respond “We don’t know but all the kids were listeneing.”  During the height of Michele’s acting and modeling career Michele began receiving visitations and messages from “The Spiritual Hierarchy” and “OverSouls”  She would be awaken at 3 am every morning for 2 1/2 years and receive information on people that these guides told her she would be meeting.  She was then given the information and guidance that she was to relay to them.  On many events she would met someone in a class, workshop; or on a TV set or modeling shoot and the next morning in the early am she would receive information to relay to the person. It was at this time she was told she would be assisting in the great Shift and assisting others in Soul Alignment and connected to their Higher Self and expressing their Soul Expression.

michele assists as a Spiritual Life Coach, healer and with Soul Alignment. She is a natural psychic, channel and medium. She was born with the gift and ability as a psychic channel. In the late 80’s this gift expanded to work with people on the Soul Path, Planetary Shift, and Soul Alignment. She began hearing the Call of Spirit and receiving specific messages for people, working with guides, the OverSouls, the Spiritual Hierarchy, light beings and other dimensional teachers. Michele assists in navigating the Shift & Awakening to facilitate the Ascension and Soul Alignment. Michele is a published author of transformational audio CDs and the book and companion CD “Meditation for Everyday Living”. She is shamanically trained, initiated and a trained spiritualist, healer, metaphysician and e ctherapist. Michele focuses on useful tools for transformation, healing and empowerment for life enhancement. Her life enhancement coaching focuses on Soul Alignment, self – development, spiritual integration, Alchemy, Esoteric Teachings, meditation and breath work, transcendental healing and transpersonal psychology

Michele is also the host and producer of  Awakenings  with Michele Meiche radio program which can be heard via ITunes
contact info –    Soul Insights blog 
As an intuitive what do you see for the future generations ?
I see a world that is much more creative and inclusive.  We will have a world and structures in our society where there is much more appreciation for people and their unique gifts, talents and life paths.  I see a time of  embracing our uniqueness in cooperation with others.  There will be less opposition within people’s nature and in societies as a whole.  I do see a marked focus on learning how to be individual and yet not oppositional.  The future generations will be more in touch with their intuition and much less mentally focused through worry.
What do you see as the new energy ( breed )of  the children that are that coming in ?
It is not so much as their is a new “breed” of children, though you can describe in this way;  as that the unhealthy conditioning, limiting ideas, unhealthy patterning is having less and less of a stronghold on our societies and individuals as a whole.  There has always been very aware infants/children. Most just couldn’t keep that spiritual-intuitive connection.  The connection to their Soul was not as strong and the conditioning took over.  
I came in with a full awareness as an intuitive-psychic and as a channel.  I think every generation brings with it a new awareness and aspect of consciousness to express, experience, learn from and integrate.  These themes are generational.  I do see many enlightened and more aware infants/children; however there are many that are still in the 3D illusion of unhealthy patterns.
I think we need to be very careful; or aware of labeling whether a positive or negative label.   Every generation holds the “creative culture” and enlightened  genes.  These people are known as the “fringe” of society. I think what is more aptly happening is that the fringe is now becoming more of the norm. There is more of an awareness and this awareness is extending into the main stream consciousness and main stream life.
It can become an excuse to say “some” are more aware and that they are making the changes; or making the difference in the world.  This projects a lot of pressure outward and doesn’t allow one to step into their own power and use their own Soul Gifts.
What I would say is that it is important for everyone on matter what age, stage or generation to imbibe this energy and step into their own empowerment and spiritual awareness.  It doesn’t do anyone any good to say: “I don’t have this energy; or I am not as evolved.” If you “see” it, you are it.. It is more likely you need to take responsibility and step into it and live it. Live what you see and live your spiritual truth and awareness.  
What do you feel this new energy of children need ?
Honesty.  They need what many that came before need and didn’t get.  If parents and really people in general would give what they know they need or needed a lot of “need” would be fulfilled.  I think  also, to really listen, hear, understand and acknowledge each other is really important.  It is especially important for children as it reinforces how they really are; it is a form of  confirmation and love.
Also, these children; and really all children need to learn the skills to be with themselves, enjoy who they are and share this with the world.  The ability to “self soothe” is so important.  To be able to be with oneself and nurture, to give self love and acceptance.  Showing a child that they are enough and to just be themselves. 
Years ago I was asked on a radio program what would the  The Spirit Guides for Michele tell the Michele of today to tell the little girl Michele of 4 or 5″. I responded; Just be you.
This is all we really came here to do.  To just be us, to share this through our gifts, talents, preferences, resources in love with family, friends and the world of experience. 
How do you see a shift in parenting style ?
I feel that there will be and need to be more authenticity, honesty and undiluted love in parenting.  I say “undiluted” love because all there is is love…however in varying degrees  We have had such diluted love because those that were doing the loving were so wounded and didn’t know how to express their love in a healthy or truly fulfilling way.  Most parents didn’t know who they were and how to live their lives in an authentic and loving way.  Most people don’t know they have a Soul and therefore they are meant to be here and meant to be as they are.  The unhealthy relating patterns and relationship structures are being healed and the new ways of parenting will be more joyful and fulfilling for the child and parent.  A teacher of mine , Dr D Hahn once said: “There are no perfect ways of parenting  because there are no perfect parents.”   
What do you intuitively feel autism is and why there are so many children that are coming in with this ?
What I hear with this comes from Spirit and the Guides as a complicated answer. There seems to be issues around the DNA structure being altered due to alteration of foods, soil and water. I am also hearing that the vaccines are an influence in this as well…  Many children are being born that are very sensitive. Due to this sensitivity the “over alteration,  adulteration and the current toxicity issues these children are more at risk.  In part many are more sensitive; however in the past generations there have been very sensitive children, empaths, psychically open and aware children.  These children were not subject to the environmental, stimuli assaults and over additive issues. This was the case before; however the energetic, environmental, emotional and physical stimuli.  The filtering is not there within to tune down, par down or lesson the abundance of information coming in from all sources.  The switch is either on or off.  There isn’t a monitoring mechanism,, barometer or lever to adjust the levels.   This is a byproduct energetically; as well as in regards to our food sources, soil blends, additives and over toxicity in the body due to over vaccinating.  The body can only process and handle so many additives and toxins.  I am not stating to not vaccinate and only eat certain foods. However I am saying more care and concern needs to be given to environmental; whether the environment is a person’s body, land, or society.  There is a calling out for integrating that which is more simply and  life-enhancing.
what about ADD OR ADHD –
I feel a lot of these types of labels are in answer to those that learn and express differently than the average, median individual or student.  There has not been the container to hold these differing and more unique learning, responding and expressing styles.   In all instances there are issues of balance and learning to manage the various types of energies and how they manifest.
Many times a developmental step has been missed and so an imbalance takes place.  In this case going back to that step or level and integrating it balancing out the child; or if an adult their psyche.
Different learning styles and patterns need to be addressed and will be addressed in the New Paradigm.
There are many more beings that are incarnating/being born that  not only are not interested in the old style of learning, but they are not formatted for this.  The children that are bridgers are more easily able to straddle Old Paradigm learning and expression.  Those that are not bridgers have a mental-physical formatting that is best utilized and expressed in bursts of activity. The can do concentrated work for long periods of time with short bursts of activity.  For some this manifests as only being able to do short bursts such as many activities at once; or only focusing for a short period of time and then moving to another activity or area or interest.   Balance is key and learning how to manage their particular type of energy pattern. 
There will be more focus in the New Paradigm on knowing one’s energy pattern and learning how to best express; as well as balance this.
I discuss with parents when I conduct Soul Path Readings.  We all come in with a particular energetic pattern. This pattern does not change. I can be assessed, and then one can learn to manage it.
It will be especially important in the coming years of the New Paradigm that parents understand this and assist their children in an honoring way in understanding their particular energetic pattern.  This will be reflected in how a child responds, thinks and acts.
Each pattern can be looked at by what needs to be an awareness, what is life enhancing and what are the child’s gifts.
In the model of the Old Paradigm an “awareness” would have been considered a “challenge”  We don’t see it as an challenge, but as an area or trait  that one needs to be more aware of to express and experience the Higher Octave of the trait.
What is life enhancing would be areas and traits that are of greater ease.
The child’s gifts are traits, talents, gifts, and ways of expressing that are their unique gifts from within their Natal Energy or innate abilitiesThese gifts would be areas to be understood, honored and enhanced. The emerging consciousness of the new paradigm is very much about understanding and celebrating each unique soul and the way they express; as well as experience life. As each child is allowed to completely flower in home and society this will create a society of honor . The idea of tolerance and acceptance will become an experience of respect , honor and sacredness . Each child and adult will be seen as a divine soul expression with an integral aspect of being to fulfill by living and being. In this way people will live with more fulfillment and meaning .

In all forms of life expression and experience there will be new learning, awareness and ways to help; as well as heal.  Each field of life from medical, environmental, philosophical, financial, educational will have an updating and up-leveling of information that will assist in the New Paradigm for people to live in more life enhancing and fulfilled ways.  We are simply at the beginning and at a gathering of insight, information and experience stage. 

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