For as long as I can remember I have always done a new years ritual with my friends ,family and loved ones  . I am really into setting an intention for the way I would like to show up for myself and others in the new year as well as let go of the things that no longer serve me. New years to me is always a fresh start , it sets the pace and the foundation for the year to come . I am a big believer that you  need to clear out what is no longer working or is just taking up and wasting space in your life so that there is room for what is a match and your truth to come in . Before doing this ritual its a good idea to take some time to meditate and reflect about what is working and what isn’t , what this past year was about for you , where you are now and where you wish to go  and what gives you joy and where are you suffering ?

What you need is a fireplace , paper and pens , you can use sage , rose petals , lavender, essential oils ( anything that supports or represents what you would like to bring in or let go of )

On separate pieces of paper write down what you are ready to let go , ANYTHING that isn’t supporting your truth or thats holding you back from shinning big and bright in this world.  This can be people , places , toxic thoughts , behaviors , addictions or actions .. Place paper in a pile of your own .

Next -write what it is you would like to bring in and manifest for yourself  this year . Go deep within  , tune more into the quality of your life not just the surface material things ( as your focus on yourself and start feeling better you will naturally start living more abundant ) . Write again on separate pieces of paper and put in another pile .

Sitting in front of the fireplace with your 2 stacks of paper in front of each of you ( by the way great to do at parties and awesome to do with your kids – they LOVE it  ) 1 person starts by saying out loud ( you are speaking to the universe ) something they want to let go of and why as they burn the paper, each person takes a turn and you keep going until each persons purge pile is gone . You can use sage during this time of releasing the old , just throw some leaves in the fire place .

Next you do the same thing with the manifesting the new way ( fresh start pile) . Saying out loud what it is you wish to create , why and an action you are intending on taking towards your goal then throw the paper in the fire . For the people sitting around listening you can all hold a space for whoever is talking by sending them love , support and well wishes . For this part sometimes I will put rose oil ( for love) , orange oil ( for creativity ) , pine oil ( to ground this energy), lavender ( for peace ) or rose geranium oil ( for joy)  on the paper.  Sometimes I use dried lavender , pine needles  or rose petals and throw in fire .

Last, write together as a group a few things you wish for the world as a collective . Each of you say it all together as you burn and put this energy out into the universe. Image



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