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Just as a caterpillar goes though metamorphosis to become a butterfly , so does a woman as she goes through the life creating process – From Pre conception , to pregnancy , to birth and finally to motherhood . A life changing transformation takes place; not only will she birth a baby but she will also give birth to another part of herself that never existed before she became a mother .

I remember a few months back I was working with a client and she asked me to tell her what changes she was going to go through after she had her baby . Everyone who becomes a mother has different parts and aspects of themselves that emerge .  You really can’t predict how you are going to feel or be . Some things will matter to you like they never did before well other things that meant a lot won’t any more . When a caterpillar goes into the cocoon , they don’t know what they are going to be like when they come out . Some  butterflies may have blue and pink spots on their wings or some yellow and orange stripes . The same  goes for a woman going through the transformation into motherhood  you will emerge a new .

I do believe that we lead by example , what we do with ourselves we most likely will do with our children . Example : If you eat healthy , organic whole foods chances are you are going to feed your children the same .. why would you take your kids to McDonalds when you don’t even allow yourself to eat that food ?

One of the things I do  with my Rooted for life pregnancy clients to help prepare them for motherhood and being a good role model by being a living example, it is to give them a monthly theme to work on . I like to use the pregnancy time ( being in the cocoon ) to not only create a strong foundation for your growing baby but to  do a little inner transformational work on yourself as well.

Here is a little taster of some of the themes we work in depth on – 

 HEALTHY MOMMY = HEALTHY BABY – ( pre pregnancy – month 1) This month is the foundation for all the months and years to come . Like I said above the healthier you live so will your children. Clean up your diet , get rid of toxic cleaning supplies and toxic body products . Use natural products , eat whole organic foods that feed you and your developing baby ,establish a good exercise and stress reduction program .

MOTHERING YOURSELF  -( month 2 ) chances are you are having some morning sickness and are pretty tired by now  . This is a time to tune into your needs , nurture yourself and honor where you are at . This is when you learn to put that oxygen mask first on yourself so that you can then assist others . How can you take care of another if you can’t or don’t take care of your self ?

SELF LOVE- ( Month 3 ) It’s such a cliche but soooooo true !!! How can you truly love another if you don’t first love yourself . This is a great time to establish and practice some boundaries . If we don’t have boundaries we are constantly letting people walk all over us and tend to say yes when we really want to say no . Respect yourself to walk away from anything or anyone that hurts you , start doing things that make you feel good and bring you joy . Treat yourself like you matter and are special ( because you are ) . You want your kids to know self love ? Then be a mirror and reflect what it is to be it.

BE PRESENT – ( month 4 ) Kids grow so fast , your pregnancy will be over before you know it , play around this month with being in the moment . When you do this you experience all the beauty the world has to offer . What ever you are doing, be present with it . If you are at dinner with you husband be there , don’t be checking your phone or in your mind about all the things you need to do just enjoy your time with him . If you are exercising feel your body moving and heart pumping , same with yoga – breathe into where you are tight , when a thought comes into your head bring the attention back to your breath and body . If you are working , then be at work , if you are eating , eat and taste your food , feel your self chewing , notice the smell and colors .Also being present means being present with the way you are feeling and allowing yourself to have your emotions . when you are ok with your own sadness , anger and fear you will be able to handle with compassion and empathy your child’s emotions.

 BECOME AWARE YOUR CHILDHOOD WOUNDS ( Month 5 ) – If we are unconscious of our own stuff we can easily put it onto our kids . No childhood is perfect , if there is some healing work to be done with your past now is the time to do it . Don’t use your children to heal  through it’s not theirs to take on .

TUNING INTO YOUR NEEDS AND WHAT FEELS RIGHT – ( INTUITION ) – (Month 6 )- I always say not everyone is born with motherly instincts but one thing we are all born with ( especially women is intuition ) During your pregnancy and after you have your baby you are going to get EVERYONES opinion on what they think is right for you . Now is the time to explore and really make choices that FEEL right for you . Don’t make them out of fear or because someone told you to only If it feels right then do it . Play with following your hunches , do what feels right for you even if it might not make sense .

EMBRACE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF -( Month 7) – When you are ok with you, all that you are and  every aspect of yourself, even your shadow( as we all have one) then you will be able to accept , embrace and appreciate others individuality . If you are holding a part of yourself back for fear or not being excepted let it out and let your self shine in the truth of who you really are . When you are truly being yourself and comfortable with it you will attract others of like mindedness .

LETTING GO OF THE OLD / DE CLUTTERING YOUR LIFE – (Month 8) – Your nesting instants have probably kicked in by now and you are getting rid of and cleaning everything . This is awesome ! You need to get rid of the old and anything thats taking up space in your life to  make room for all the new that is about to come in . Take inventory of your friendships , relationships and certain situations in your life that no longer serve you and create some space healthy space within them .

RESTORE / CREATE A SACRED SPACE IN YOUR HOME TO RELAX ( month 9 )– There is always a calm before A storm . Enjoy the peace and solitude of right now . Let yourself charge up your batteries for the birth and the needs of your new baby. Find and establish a peaceful place in your home where you can go to read , nap , watch tv or just be . My sacred space is my bedroom; I light candles , crawl into my bed with my dogs , turn off my phone and unplug from the world , watch tv , have tea , read and listen to music . You will end up  establishing a bond with this place and equate it with peace . It will become your sanctuary , a place to go  after your baby comes to unwind and recharge .

Other themes I might integrate are mindfulness , patience  , living in joy  and gratitude , letting go and going with the flow … for more go to:

or email me at :



Do all you can do then release it in the hands of the universe / God …  An awesome metaphor for life !!!!

Getting more Iron in your diet

 Your body needs and is making extra blood when pregnant … It is important to keep your iron levels high to prevent Anemia ( when the blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells ) 
Some symptoms of Anemia are :
Pale skin
Hard time concentrating  
Leg cramps 
shortness of breath 
rapid heart beat 
Some foods that are high in iron are:
Liver, meat, poultry, dark meat turkey, fish, cook in cast – iron cook ware , 1 table spoon of black strap molasses , soy  , navy , lima , kidney , black and pinto beans , lentils , chic peas,  peas, potatoes , dried apricots , prunes , prune juice , raisins , pumpkin seeds , oatmeal , goji berries , beets , brewers yeast , spinach , kale  and whole wheat bead .
Take Liquid floridax ..  food based  , natural and non constipating iron supplement .
 Add Liquid chlorophyll –  once a day to your water. This helps put extra oxygen into your blood and feeds your cells.  
– Have a shot of wheat grass juice- 
   Drink Nettle leaf tea 
     Juice together Carrot , kale , spinach and beets with a few drops of liquid chlorophyll  or wheat grass . Image 

Carpal tunnel and pregnancy

With more and more people texting , emailing and on the computers these days , I have seen  an increase of carpal tunnel in my pregnant clients …

Carpal tunnel is cause by pressure from fluids or repetitive movements on the median nerve in the wrist . Symptoms are  tingling , numbness and pain in the hands , fingers and wrists . Carpal tunnel usually starts in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and goes away shortly after birth .

Here are some holistic remedies to help Image

Massage homeopathic trammel cream 

Acupuncture to get energy and circulation moving.

Ice shrinks inflamed tissue .

Ice wrists for 10 min alternating soaking in hot water with Epsom salts for 10 min. 

Avoid repetitive movements when possible 

Take breaks to avoid overexertion and stretch.

Stretching the hands forward and backwards to help increase circulation.

Wrist splints – sleeping with them on while keeping hands slightly elevated on a pillow will help a lot.

 Vitamin B-6 (25 mg) and B-complex for 2 weeks.

 Regular exercise helps balance extra fluid in the body.

 Regular massage to get circulation moving ,Massage  with oils of lavender and eucalyptus on whole arm.

If you could try to understand me rather then try to change me – this parenting thing would be a whole lot easier

If you could try to understand me rather then try to change me - this parenting thing would be a whole lot easier


I am Sending out an intention for pregnancy and a healthy baby  for one of my fertility clients who is going thru invitro today …. It always helps when you send good positive vibes and energy out to others !!!! This morning I lit a candle , found some images of the desired intention , put some stones out for fertility and said a heart felt prayer for her and her husband …

Now I am not overly religious , but I do believe that our thoughts and feelings are  powerful  energies that we are constantly  beaming out  into the world .. When you send someone love , healing or good positive thoughts it doesn’t only help their being but it raises your vibration as well .. Feelings and thoughts of hate , anger and jealousy do the opposite , it lowers your vibration and can hurt the other persons spirit   ….

Make sure  the people that you choose for support have your best interest at heart as they  are holding a positive space for you.

We are all connected …. what you put out ,comes back to you … When you wish the best for others you are in turn wishing the best for yourself and for others to do the same ..


your child will follow your example , not your advice .

your child will follow your example , not your advice .

Walk your talk and let your actions lead the way …. xoxoxoox Lori B

Tracy Andersons pregnancy project – Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Here are some reasons why exercise is important to do during pregnancy …

1- Gives you more energy

2- Helps you sleep better

3- Reduces stress

4- Keeps you regular ( eases constipation )

5- Lifts the spirits , helps you feel good and be happy from all the endorphins being released

6- Makes for an easier labor

7- Body bounces back faster post birth

8- Reduces the risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure

I LOVE Tracy Andersons DVD’s -” The pregnancy project” I highly recommend it !!!



While pregnant with her son 13 years ago, Tracy gained over 60 pounds. It was this significant weight gain, along with a weight gain that Tracy experienced while studying dance, which propelled her to research and develop the Tracy Anderson Method. After announcing her second pregnancy in 2012, Tracy Anderson began production on a series of pregnancy workout DVDs to serve as a guide for women throughout their pregnancy.

Similar to Tracy’s successful Metamorphosis DVDs, this series contains many more tools than just the workouts. The series contains nine different workouts, one workout focused on each month of pregnancy, which Tracy filmed in real time. In addition to the workouts, the series contains interviews with doctors, mothers, Tracy’s clients, and various experts on pregnancy. The advice from these experts also include testimonials from Tracy’s clients that have been able to attribute their post-pregnancy bodies to Tracy’s method.

The Pregnancy Project is designed to be a guide for expectant parents and covers everything from nutrition, to fitness, to the leading studies on pregnancy. Tracy already has a tremendously successful post-pregnancy workout DVD, with over 1 million copies sold, and this project is designed to be a much more comprehensive tool for women at all stages of pregnancy and motherhood.

For more on Tracy Anderson go to her site at

Arnica for healing after birth

Arnica is something you can take to speed up the healing process post birth . It helps with bruising and muscle soreness  and works great for c- sections too.

I usually have my clients start taking Arnica 30x or 30c 2 times per day- Starting a few days before due date , during the birth and following the birth for a week . Image


Lets face it there is nothing more frustrating for a guy then seeing someone they love in pain and them not being able to fix it …. Pain comes with labor it is part of the birthing process but you can help by being supportive , nurturing and hold a space for her to feel safe . Here are a few ways you can help .

Educate Yourself – Read books like – “The Birth partner ” , “How to make a pregnant woman happy” or ” The birth book ” also take a childbirth class  – The more you know the more prepared you will be .

Ask before labor how you can best serve , what your role is and what you can do to best support –  As a man you tend to do well when given a job or something to do .

Be honest with her about your fears – Talk them out with her before birth.

Know the birth plan – You might need to be your partners voice , so it is important you know the plan inside and out to be able to follow thru with her wishes .

Relax and try and keep calm – The calmer you are the calmer and safer mommy will feel . If you are the one holding a space for her to feel safe , freaking out isn’t going to cut it . If you are feeling over whelmed , walk out of the room , take a break , allow yourself to have your feelings , take a few deep breaths , call someone for support and when you feel calm go back in ..

Labor can be long – Take breaks and rest , sleep when she sleeps , bring  lots of snacks and drinks.

Don’t take things personally – I have seen the sweetest women in the world  turn into crazy people in labor , take NOTHING she says or does personally . She gets a free pass this day, let it go right thru you and move on .

Be Present – Be in the moment , work will get done , people will get called … today your baby is being born and this moment will NEVER happen again .

Respect her wishes – Honor if she doesn’t want you to call people or have them come to the hospital , home or birth center . I can’t tell you how many times my clients ask their partners not to call someone and then 20 min later that person shows up in the birth room . This causes unnecessary stress and drama .

 The weeks/ months leading up to the birth study her face and body language – Look for signs when she is stressed , in fear , in pain, angry or sad what does she do ? The more cued into her the better you will be to read her energy and assist to her needs .

Find out what relaxes her – I know rubbing the head , back or feet helps my clients relax . So does certain music , breath work and meditation .

Love her up and encourage her   – Every once and a while go over and tell her you love her , How excited you are to meet your baby  , how proud of her you are  and how amazing she is doing . Hold her hand , rub her head , give her a kiss and  lay down with her if she wants .

Don’t try and be a hero – we all have our limits for what we are capable of doing . if you feel like this might be too much for you and you need extra support then be honest with her and talk about bringing in a doula or friend to help you out . Image

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