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Your children will become who you are ; so be who you want them to be .

Your children will become who you are ; so be who you want them to be .

Another reason to walk the talk and lead by being a positive example !! Remember they are absorbing info like a sponge and watching and mimicking everything that you do .

You can better assist others if you put the oxygen mask on yourself first

When you get on an airplane they always tell you; incase of an emergency place your oxygen mask first on yourself before assisting others . I use this constantly as a metaphor for life and especially parenting . Image

There was a time in my life that I was working really hard on creating and growing my business , I was working my ass off , over giving to clients and didn’t have great boundaries with friends. When I did have time off I was too exhausted to exercise , do things that I really needed to get done or be with people because I didn’t want to be pulled on or drained by anyone. I found myself isolating at home a lot , depressed , drinking way too much wine, depleted  and feeling totally tapped out  .  Not only was I suffering but so was my work ,clients and loved ones as I has nothing left to give them . I went to my  doctor and acupunturist and both said my batteries were totally drained  and that I needed to take some time to recharge them . I was so busy putting the oxygen mask on everyone else that I forgot about myself . I whittled myself away until there was nothing left to give . After a year of house cleaning (letting go of what no longer serves ) , creating space for breathing room ,a major restructuring of the way I do my life , setting boundaries , finding balance , cleaning up the diet , taking a lot of me down time , walking in nature and doing my restorative /yin yoga I finally started to feel vital , clear , present , healthy and like myself again .

If you don’t take care of you and fill yourself up first you will be of no good to others .

When you take the time for yourself and makes your needs just as important as others ( FYI – an act of self love ) you won’t get tapped out  . You will be more focused , present , have more patience, energy and joy. In other words, you will not only feel better but be better to those around you .

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