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When you give birth to your baby you also birth another part of yourself … A mother is born

When you give birth to your baby you also birth another part of yourself ... A mother is born

Hula Hooping For Fertility

ImageI will never forget a few years ago driving to Aspen with my friend shannon. A 15 hour drive ( which is bad enough) turned into a 24 hour drive as we were stuck driving in a major blizzard . Sitting for that long made my hips ache , lock up and my lower back went into spasms . I started freaking out, I just wanting to get out of the car and stretch and move my hips around . I kept having these visions of hula hooping to move the stagnant energy and get the circulation moving in my hips and lower back . Like a beautiful mirage I saw a sign for Walmart and made my friend pull over so I could buy us a few hula hoops . For the remainder of the trip, ever hour we would pull over on the side of the road ( snowing like crazy ) , totally delirious  we laughed hysterically  as we found relief by hula hooping our way to Aspen .
The hip , groin, lower belly and lower back  ( 2nd chakra) area is Where all the reproductive organs are , when this area is tight it stops the energy from flowing . When the energy stops flowing in certain areas of our body , blocks form that can prevent that body part from working to full potential. If the energy in an area is stagnant for a long time sickness and disease can set in .
I designed a healing fertility yoga , breath work , meditation and chakra movement   sequence for women that are trying to conceive . I do this privately with my clients and am hoping to one day get a video on this out there . The movements I have my clients do are designed to really bust open the 2nd chakra , hips , groin , lower belly and back ( reproductive ) part of the body . One of the moves I have my clients do is hip circles on all fours as well as standing .
(This is where the hula hooping comes in ) When you hula hoop or circle your hips you increase the circulation and blood flow in that area of your body , which in turn nourishes and helping get things working well . Plus hula hooping is fun , It connects you with your inner joyful child .
Try doing a few minutes a day , going in both directions. Also if you spend a lot of time sitting this will be heaven for you .

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