The healing power of loving touch and massage during labor

Last week I was honored to be part of sweet baby Aiden’s journey into this world . His mommy started labor at 11 pm and this picture was taken 5pm the following day. We stayed up all night as she breathed and meditated her way through contractions and back labor (I must add )  like a champion  . I took this photo as it was such a beautiful and powerful moment  during the birthing process . It touched my heart to see these amazing women of generations before ( grandmother , mom and aunt )  support and nurture with so much love and care. In this picture my client Chippy was 5-6 centimeters dilated , 100 % effaced she had been laboring non stop for 14 hours . With some aromatherapy , loving touch and massage she actually fell asleep for over 45 minutes on the birth ball .Image

Being that I am a body worker ,it definitely comes in as a handy tool for relaxing someone when in labor . The best places I have found  for optimum relaxation are the head , feet and lower back with a little nurturing rub behind the heart . I first had Chippy’s mom rub her lower back  and  press deep on her sacrum as she was having painful back labor . I gave her mother some clary sage oil to rub on her lower back ( helps with labor pains and makes labor easier ). I then had Chippy lean on some pillows while she rocked from side to side on the birth ball . I massaged lavender ( relaxes and calms ) oil into her scalp and gave her a head massage . She started to fall asleep and her grandmother asked if she could help so I had her keep doing what I was doing . I then pulled her aunt in and gave her some rose and geranium oil  ( up lifts the spirit ) to rub onto her back behind her heart . These women all silently worked their powerful  magic love energy on her and when she woke up she didn’t even know where she was .

*For the person giving the massage remember that you are transferring your energy onto someone. So the calmer you are and the more you come from a loving place the more transformative your work will be . Also the slower you move your hands the more relaxing the massage will be .

Welcome to the world sweet little Aiden !! Have a good , healthy and happy life little buddy !!!



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