spring cleaning for baby

It’s that time of year ,spring cleaning is in the air . Every march / April I always do a detox where I pull out all the toxins from my body and life. I was playing with the idea of doing one when I just happened to tune into my friend Micheles Meiche’s AWESOME radio show – Awakenings http://www.blogtalkradio.com/awakenings  and she was talking detox/spring cleaning and inviting everyone to do a life detox .

Even though 2012 for me was all about letting go , detoxing and making space , I took michele’s message as a sign and I decided to start today to clear out anything else that needs to go .  I don’t just pull out unhealthy foods from my diet and replace with good , I also clear out my house of things I don’t use anymore which removes clutter and gives me some breathing room .  I like using  this time to take a good look at where and with whom I feel good and who drains me , letting some unhealthy relationships go . I also take inventory of my destructive thoughts , behaviors and patterns  and do some inner work to help shift this energy.

So this spring it’s out with the old and in with the new, good and healthy .

Something I do when I prep someone for a baby is detox their life . Nothing new can come in if there is no space for it . We fill our lives up with things we have out grown and toxic relationships that no longer serve . we work crazy long hours and run around on the go non stop .  Why ? Because space is scary  and uncomfortable. I remember someone once telling me that once you make space in your life  the universe will always fill it with something new . Sometimes you might need to be in the space for awhile ( me last year – not comfortable ) You might get tempted to fill it yourself with what’s familiar even if it’s not the healthiest choice . But if you really want to bring in something new and make some real change in your life you have got to create that space so it can come in .


 1. Your body – The healthier you are the healthier your pregnancy will be and the easier time you will have carrying this child  .  The last thing you want to be when trying to have a baby is depleted . Having said that I am not a huge fan of doing a major cleanse prior to conceiving  . I do however suggest you clean it up , pull out or cut back on all the bad and unhealthy stuff you have been eating and doing ;definitely Smoking , drugs , alcohol and caffeine should go . Processed , fried , rich and heavy  and non organic foods should be replaced with  simple whole organic foods such a fresh fruits , vegetables , meats , grains and dairy . ( I am not a big dairy or gluten fan so if you want to take it a little further cut these out too) . Start each day off with my fertility smoothie  –   https://rootedforlife.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/fertility-smoothie/

My smoothie not only is yummy and filling but is filled with tons of good stuff that promotes fertility and health .  Do some kind of moderate exercise to feel good and yoga to relax ( both help relieve stress which can prevent you from conceiving ) at least 5 days a week . Cut out soda and drink TONS of filtered water – even better alkaline  water with a high PH . If you are craving soda then have  sparkling soda water with pomegranate juice. Take a prenatal , Vitaman D and Fish oil supplement  .

YOUR HOME – Get rid of whatever is taking up space or weighing you down . Letting go of what you no longer need or use create space and room for the new.   Clean out your closets , go through your paper work , move furniture around , clean out the kitchen cabinets. All this is great to do if you want to move and shift some energy in your home .  Get rid of all toxic cleaning supplies and change over to natural ones like Mrs Myers or Method . Also throw away any beauty , bath or body products that aren’t natural and paraben free and replace them with natural products .

YOUR LIFE – I remember years ago I was prepping a woman for pregnancy  who was a high powered executive in NYC .One of the things I asked her to do was to put her legs up the wall for 10 min a day while breathing and doing a meditation . She showed me her calendar and asked ,” when do you think I would have time to do this?”  Every day was totally jam packed . My friends and clients all describe me as being lovingly blunt , before  I knew it the words flew out of my mouth and I said , ” If you don’t have time to put your legs up the wall for 10 minutes and breathe then how are you going to have time for a baby?” She wasn’t happy with me and ended the session . A few hours later  ( I must have really gotten under skin ) I got an email from her asking me what she could do to make more space .

What people feed you ? who and where do feel good ? Who drains you ? Who have you out grown ? Who is negative ? Who pulls on you ? Letting go or even just putting some healthy space from those who you aren’t resonating with can help you conserve your energy . Where can you make more down time or just some space for some breathing room ? NOTICE What’s important  and a priority in your life and whats are you doing to waste time and fill up space so maybe  you don’t have see what problems you have or  feel whats going on emotionally inside of you . How can you restructure the way you do your life and manage your time and energy better ?

YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR PARTNER– Making sure you both are on the same team will make the whole parenting thing a whole lot easier . This is a great time to work on any healing that might need to be done . If there are problems before you have a child they will all just be amplified after .

CLEANSE OUT UNHEALTHY THOUGHTS AND OLD WOUNDING – Watch projections from others and society make sure you don’t take them on and make them your beliefs . Fear and worry causes nothing but stress on the body . stress has been known to cause infertility . 90% of the things we worry about never happen . If there is any old wounding thats causing you fear this is a great time to do some therapy and healing work so your don’t put your wounds on your future children .

There is no need to do all of this ; but if something resonates with you then pre pregnancy is a great time to clean up  your body and life by letting go of the things that are  wasting your time , energy and taking up space   .

Here is a link to michele’s blog  -21 day  to cleanse, clear out  and connect in




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