Banana , date , coconut and spirulina popsicles – FABULOUS for pregnancy and for kids of all ages

ImageAfter working this week with a few of my pregnant moms, trying to find healthy alternatives for both them and the kids for their ice cream and sweet cravings . My friend Jenna and I decided to play around by making healthy popsicles  … We came up with a bunch of yummy recipes . Here is one of my very favorites ….PS. Please excuse the presentation as I lack the Martha Stewart gene 😉
Banana , Date , Coconut and Spirulina Popsicles
What you need – 
Popsicle molds 
 5 -Organic pitted dates 
1&1/2- VERY ripe bananas 
1/2 cup-  Shredded coconut 
1/2 cup- Organic unsweetened canned coconut milk 
1&1/2 – Coconut milk in box 

 1 Tablespoon- Spirulina powder 

How to make – 
Soak dates in coconut milk blend for minimum of 1 hour ,throw all ingredients in blender , blend and freeze .
Dates Are : 
High in fiber  – A known laxative food 

High in – Calcium, potassium  magnesium and iron.

Help to ease depression 
Enriches breast milk 
Helps with dizziness  that sometimes can be caused low blood pressure and low blood sugar .
According to a new study in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology – Women who ate dates daily for their entire pregnancy were more dilated when labor began ,  less likely to need medication to get labor going and their labor tended to be an average of 7 hours shorter then the non date eaters . The study found a compound in the dates that imitates oxytocin ( helps with labor)
Bananas Are :


High in potassium –  Helps your nerves and muscles function properly

Rich in iron – Which helps blood carry oxygen throughout the body to where it is needed .
Has natural serotonin – Which improves mood
Has tryptophan – Which relaxes the mind and regulates any moodiness . Also good for morning sickness
Full of fiber – Helps battle constipation and diarrhea.
They are a great source of natural energy
Help neutralize acidity – Good for heartburn and stomach ulcers ( literally puts out the fire )
Helps to maintain a proper balance of electrolytes – Helps cells carry electrical impulse to other cells in your body .
Coconuts Are :
High in fiber.
Supports over all immune system . Coconuts contain anti bacterial, anti fungal , Anti viral , anti parasitic healing properties.
High in electrolytes
They have tons of calcium , potassium and magnesium 
Good source of fatty acids 
Spirulina Is – 
A powerful antioxidant.
Rich in Iron and has 30 times more beta carotene then 30 carrots .
High in protein .
Immune support.
Detoxifies the body of heavy metals , pollutants and harmful radiation . 
Helps heal Anemia.
Reduces fatigue and gives you energy.
Oxygenates the body and muscles.
Reduces stress, anxiety , depression and insomnia.
Help with leg and muscle cramping .    

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