Don’t let the voices of others drown out your inner voice

ImageI Found this quote and I right away thought of all my fertility , pregnant, birth and new mom clients … Something I teach my clients when they do my Rooted for life program is to find their truth of what FEELS right for them . Often times , with the best of intentions others will project their opinions and beliefs of how they did it or think It should be done . There is no right  or perfect way to be pregnant , birth your child or parent but there is a right way for you . When you are caught up in fear , aren’t clear on who you are or what your truth is it’s easy to be swayed by others .

1. know yourself , your partner and if you have a baby your child  – We all have strengths and weaknesses , limits , values and core beliefs. Connect with them and from this place explore what might best support you and your family .

2. Put together your authentic style – Read books  , articles , watch videos take classes ( educate yourself on all the different ways  out there) that you feel resonate with you , Take the things that FEEL right to you from each and write them down . Soon you will have your own authentic style . Feeling your way is intuitive , thinking your way is not .

3. Notice if you are making a choice out of fear  – with fear there is a gripping and anxiousness . When you are in  truth you just are more like yeah , this feels right . Truth is a peaceful knowing where it just flows . Note –  The marketing media world feeds on the fears of soon to be and new moms .

4. There is no such thing as perfect – I always stand by my 80/20% rule . It’s what you do 80% of the time that matters. There is no perfect way but a perfect way for you . Do the best you can and remember nobody is perfect !! 

5. Pick your go-to people – we all have them , those few trusted friends that you respect and value their option , make them your go to people , these are the ones if you need advice to ask .

6. Become translucent – people are going to project their views and stories onto you , make a mental note that these aren’t yours to take on and see their projections going through you not attaching to you . At the same time stay open and If they say something that feels right add it to your authentic style .


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