The hospital birth bag – What to pack and bring with you

Outside of  the basic essentials ,here are some ideas for you to pack in your hospital birth bag that I found to be helpful over the years . You don’t need to pack them all if you don’t want to or feel the need . Image

1. Paper work  – Birth plan , insurance card , hospital forms , list of people to contact when baby is born and if banking cord blood – the cord blood kit and papers .

2. Birth ball – I LOVE the birth ball ! sitting on it – Bouncing , rock side to side , hips circles, make figure 8’s , squat against it  and lean on it . Sitting on the birth ball upright allows your baby’s head to push on your cervix which helps you dilate.

3. Ear plugs , sleep mask , white noise machine , calming or meaningful music, flameless candles , aromatherapy oils and electric diffuser   – Anything to drown out the hospital surroundings and noises .

4. Arnica tablets – eat every 4 hours during birth and after to speed up healing

5. Tea bags of – Red Raspberry leaf tea – Drink  during labor to strengthen and tone the uterus and help with pain as well as after for enriching breast milk . Camomile – to help relax and calm the mind and body

6. Honey sticks – for extra energy when needed .

7. mason pearson brush to help with itchy skin that can happen if you get an epidural .

8. Hard candy / lolly pops , breath spray or dry mouth wash for dry mouth .

9. Lip balm/ Chapstick and facial mist to keep hydrated and refreshed.

10 . Bach flower remedies – Rescue remedy awesome for stress

11. snacks and drinks

12. Toiletries – Tooth brush , tooth paste, facial cleaner , face cream  , shampoo , conditioner , body cream , soap , hair brush and hair ties .

13. Pillows and cozy blanket ( The hospital ones are the WORST ! )

14. Clothes – Slippers , socks , dark , old or ruinable nightgown or old tee shirt , bathrobe , underwear that you don’t mind getting ruined , 2 nursing bras, comfortable outfit to wear home .

15. Maxi  pads and nursing pads-

16 .  Healing nipple cream or ointment –

17. Phone charger

18 . camera , video camera

20. Colace – Stool softener to help with after birth to poop easier .

21. Inspirational objects – like crystals , photos of loved ones or gurus , affirmations  …..

22. Massage cream – to have your partner massage you during labor .

22. For baby – 2-3 outfits  , baby  blanket , hat , socks .

23. Car seat –


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