Supported Bridge yoga pose for fertility

When teaching  clients fertility yoga ,supported bridge  is one of the poses I like to incorporate into the practice . I personally love doing this pose combined with deep belly breath work as It works miracles on my digestion while helping to calm and relax my nerves . The reason I like it for fertility is because it opens and softens your lower belly ( 2nd chakra ) . This pose also helps with stress , anxiety , depression , insomnia and fatigue , all these things can attribute to infertility . Supported bridge is great for anyone who is going through menopause as well .

How to do –

Have a yoga block handy  and lie on your back with knees bent hips distance apart with your feet parallel on the floor.

Slowly lift your pelvis and but up off the floor , grab your block and place it under your sacrum either the long way (up and down) or sideways turned on it’s side  (right to left )

Clasp your hand behind back and gently roll shoulders under .

Close your eyes and begin to imagine your baby . When you get an image start to breathe that baby in through your nose , deep down into your lower belly (belly button area) like you are literary becoming pregnant with this image .

As you exhale , slowly breathe out through your mouth any stress , fear , anxiety or depression,  allowing your belly to soften and relax , receiving  into your body this energy of pregnancy .

After about 3-5 min slowly take out the block and lower your hips to the ground gently hugging your knees into your chest .



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