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An article I wrote for stretch mark prevention on Elizabeth street

An article I wrote for stretch mark prevention on Elizabeth street



Here are a few things you can try to do and foods to eat  to avoid stretch marks , also includes my amazing belly butter recipe !

The baby box – An awesome baby gift for any new parent

My dear friend Michelle started this amazingly cool company that I’m soooooo into !! I love this idea for a new mom or baby gift . There is so much overconsumption going on today in the world . It makes me nuts how the media and marketing feeds on the fears of  todays new moms . Your new baby doesn’t need that much other then you , milk  and lots of love. This baby box has everything your new baby needs outside of you .

The Classic Box – Unisex includes the followingImage

– 1 traditional Finnish baby box (length 70 cm, width 43 cm and height 27 cm) and lid designed with The Baby Box Company’s current Collection pattern

– 1 baby mattress fitted to the Finnish baby box

– 1 brown owl lovey

– 2 BPA-free, silicone pacifiers

– 3 onesies

– 1 soft swaddle blanket

– 1 Red Cross healthcare kit

– 2 pairs of socks

– 2 water-resistant bibs

– 3 gentle washcloths

– 1 bath kit (contains lotion, shampoo & wash, diaper ointment, nourishing oil, soothing buttermilk soap)

– 1 pair of mittens

– 1 newborn cap

– 2 burp cloths

– 1 BPA-free teether

These Baby Boxes are designed in the 75-year-old Finnish tradition of maternity packages gifted by the government to all expectant mothers in Finland to promote the safety and well-being of infants. They contain all the basic new mom must-haves, from diaper rash creams and baby shampoo to onesies and swaddles.The box itself is lined with a securely fitted mattress so that it can be used as a lightweight bassinet or travel crib. This Finnish baby box model for safe infant sleeping and transport was highlighted in the news recently when Will and Kate received one as a gift. The Baby Box Co. is the first company in the world to offer these affordable and extremely helpful starter kit/baby bed combos to consumers outside of Finland.The products they have selected consist of everything that  Michelle wished that she had waiting for her when she got home from the hospital with her daughter — all the best brands and products that she was only able to discover through a frustrating, lengthy (and expensive) process of trial and error! 

Another important part of their company’s mission is to help poverty-stricken mothers across the globe. For every box that is purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes towards sending a box to a new mom who is struggling to make ends meet. It’s a priority for them to know that their company is providing shoppers with the best baby products available while simultaneously making a positive difference for moms in impoverished countries.   


Here is their website,  TwitterandFacebook.

They currently have a sale going on — anyone who purchases between now and October 10th will receive$15 off their purchase plus a free surprise bonus gift if they enterpresalesavings at checkout. 

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