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Look into your newborns eyes right away after birth , it is the closest you will ever see to their soul

Look into your newborns eyes right away after birth , it is the closest you will ever see to their soul

They say the eyes are the window to the soul and I must say I totally agree . After years of helping couples birth their children I am always so blown away when I look into their new baby’s eyes as they first transition to life in this world . I see something deeper then just their eyes I am looking straight into their soul . It gives me chills just writing about it !!!

We all have full access to this magical window where you will see this little being in all their purity , light and depth . When I prep someone for birth I always plant the seed about looking into their baby’s eyes when they are first born . Your baby will be the most awake right after birth for those first few hours then they will be for the weeks that follow . It is in this time that they imprint with us . Looking into their eyes will not only allow you to really “SEE ” them but will also help facilitate the imprinting , intimacy and bonding process .

A little something to think about when you  birth your baby ….. skin to skin immediately , looking into your baby’s eyes and talking lovingly to them will help them gently transition into this world with ease.

The magical doorway of labor

Ladies … I have to say we are pretty f–king awesome beings ! The things we can do with our bodies are beyond magical . Just to mention a few of these amazing things  like creating a baby , carrying and nourishing that baby within,  birthing them and feeding them from all our bodies . We do all of these things as women naturally and organically , our bodies are designed for this  . It’s pretty incredible and totally empowering to be a women if you ask me !!!

Even though our bodies are designed for this , all of us have our own limitations , pain thresholds  and different levels of comfort . Every women , pregnancy , child and birth is different  As a healer one of the things I have been taught and practice is not to push anyone further then they are ready or capable of going . A huge part of my doula practice is healing , I bring all different kinds of healing into the birth exerience , intuitively tuning into my client and who they are as an individual while feeling everything they are feeling .

Over the many years of being a doula I have found most women ask for medical intervention way before they really need it , I call this the first gate we walk thru . I will say  ,” you are handling this so well can we try breathing a little longer?”  100% of the time they say ” ok “. ( again I sense  by tuning in watching the way they are breathing , moving and managing each contraction ) This goes on usually for a while they usually ask again and again  , almost like they are testing . If I sense they are cool  I might ask , ” Do you really want to to do that ” and 98% of the time they say no, so we keep moving forward .

At some point we hit the point which I like to call the door . Now this door is thick , strong and hard to break thru it . You bang up against it over and over again , your body begins to rattle with spasms that make every part of your body ache and hurt , you want to surrender , die and give up as going up against and trying break down this door is taking everything out of you . At this point some women need to get help by having an epidural ( and let me say right now I have no judgements  – It is my job to support everyones choices and respect their own personal limits. I also find it empowering when a woman knows herself and her limits enough to ask for help for what she needs ) . In saying that, I always have them look me in the eye and tune into them feeling where they are at .. If they are at their limit where they are suffering , beyond the point of managing, where they are resisting , stressed and fighting against the process , I by all means get them help .

If you keep going up against this door , sooner or later you will break through it . On the other side of this doorway , when you begin to loose control and are at your breaking point there is this beautiful magical  force stronger than anything you could ever imagine that will enter your body and take over . This is the force of the great powerful mother , it’s a strength that we all have as women but some never tap into . It’s that power that you hear about in the news of  the mother who lifts the car off her child that was run over . This force will take over and get it done !! But You have to be able break through that solid door to get to it and not everyone  is meant to bust through this door way . Even though we all are women and possess this magical  power we are still individuals with different levels of pain thresholds  and limits that make us who we are .  Over the past 10 years I have never come across  two of the same  women , births  or  children . Birth is an individual process , yes  it is a totally organic and natural as a collective  but each woman , birth and child  is different and that is what makes us all unique  .


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