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My favorite and easiest birth plan

My favorite and easiest birth plan

After educating yourself on all your choices for the birth that you wish and intend to have it’s important to create some kind of plan ( intention I like to say ) .

Earth mama angel baby is a fabulous company !! All  of their  AWESOME products are natural , organic and 100 % toxin free !!! They also happen to have this free and easy birth plan that you can download . All you need to do is check what feels right and what best supports your vision . Next, email it back to them and they will email it back to you all organized , Just print it out and you are ready to go !

Go over your plan with your doctor or care provider in the weeks or months prior to birth.  Also bring this plan with you to your birth and have everyone involved read it and go over it with you . This helps to get you all on the same page so everyone there can be better prepared to best support you and your wishes .


Birth prep MUST watch … “The Business of being born” and “More of the business of being born”

Something I am having all my couples do as their homework as we prep for birth is to watch -“The Business of being born” as well as the episodes that follow called “More of the business of being born” . In all of  these beyond educational videos you will find everything you need to know to help better educate yourself for making the right choices that support your birth intention.

You can either buy the whole DVD set on  or If you have netflix you can watch all the episodes on there .


I highly highly highly recommend these  golden nuggets that are soooooooooo full of heaps of information and priceless wisdom !!! Nobody should EVER have a baby without first educating themselves by watching these videos !!

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