THE BIRTH OF BABY BEAU – The day in a life of a doula

3 days ago I helped my clients Shelton and Clark ( now dear friends #bondedforlife ) with the birth of their gorgeous son Beau . I thought it would be fun to start blogging about some of my birth experiences ,  here’s all about the day that sweet Beau was born .


Thursday morning I was at yoga and I saw my phone ringing and noticed it was Beau’s mom calling . Being that I I was on call I ran out of the room and answered the call . she was at the chiropractors office that I had sent her too to get her labor going and her water broke there . She called her doctor and ran over to the office to make sure thats really what it was . A few hours later the contractions started to get stronger and more consistent and I headed over to her . Our plan was to labor at home but while on my way over there they started coming really fast so we ended up laboring at the hospital all night . ( which in the end Shelton said ,”it was perfect as she felt safer being there and was able to really relax and let go” ) Her plan was to go totally natural and it was really important to her that we did . The minute we got to the hospital we told the staff of our plans for no drugs or intervention and they were more then supportive and accommodating (cedars sinai hospital ROCKS people .. just saying  … LOVE )

I right away created a sacred space where we turned on the flameless candles , breathed , rocked out , walked and moved to an amazing playlist and had aromatherapy oils going . We walked , rocked and breathed for hours . At around 5 am she started getting (rightfully so) a little tired and so were her legs so I tried a few different positions to allow her some rest and comfort . She was able to doze off in-between contracts but as I watched her labor I noticed that in any other position besides standing or kneeling her labor slowed down ( and I put her in tons of different ones )  . The doctor came in and checked her sometime around 8 am,  she was at 7 centimeters and said he could  help give her something if she wanted  to speed things up . Shelton wasn’t having any of that and said , “no way buddy , we wait ” ( my little rockstar) 🙂 . I told him how the labor slows when she isn’t standing and that we were just taking a rest , that as soon as she stands and walks things will get moving again.  After giving her some time to rest I had her stand up and I massaged her fatigued legs as her devoted  husband (as he had all night ) continued to supports her  . He stood behind her holding her and her belly as she leaned back into him  .   I then had her kneel on the couch facing the window she went from 7 cm to 10cm in 40 minutes. she looked at me and said ” he is coming out !!! ” . She then asked me look down there to see if he was coming out and I saw that her vagina was bulging so I told the nurse and we called the on staff midwife.  Amy , the midwife came in and checked her, sure enough the baby was right there. Shelton wanted to push so we told her to go for it , listen to your body and do what you need to do , so she pushed . The doctor walked in and we moved to the bed and with  in a few pushes baby Beau was out , all nestled in, happy as could be on Shelton’s bare chest .

The Gods were on our side for this birth .We had the most amazing nurses and  the most supportive staff ever . I always love when nurses ,doulas, midwifes and doctors work together as a team . It makes all the difference in the world to help the energy in the room as well as to better support the expecting parents.

I am soooooooooo super proud of her !!! It was such a blessing and an honor to be part of their sons birth . Beau is such a lucky boy to be born into so much love and have such wonderful parents !!!

Tricks and tools from the birth experience  .. 

Gravity standing up , walking or kneeling best positions to get baby down .

It helped her when I held my hands on her belly and pushed firmly in while having a contraction .

It helps to stand for hours when someone is massaging your legs and feet (  a little peppermint oil or tiger balm works wonders )

Creating a sacred space changes the whole energy (  it was so different in our room then when we were walking the halls , after a while as her labor progressed and she got more sensitive , Shelton said , ” she didn’t like it outside our safe bubble “so we stayed in our room )




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