Why organic pasture raised eggs are more nutritious for you than conventional eggs


My friend Nicolette who is always up on the latest health info was telling me all about why I should only be buying organic pasture raised eggs from now on . I bought them and man oh man are they not only YUMMMMY but sooooooooooo much more nutritious for you then regular conventional eggs !!

Organic Pasture raised chickens Roam around free on organic, green pastures. They naturally eat the earth , plants , grass and bugs as well as  certified organic feed . These chickens , their eggs and the pasture and feed that they graze on are 100% organic , pesticide  , herbicide and chemical free .

Pasture raised eggs compared to regular eggs have  – 

4-6 times more Vitamin D

3 times more omega 3’s

7 times more Beta carotene

4 times more vitamin E

1/3 less cholesterol

And they taste better too !!!

* Most of all don’t throw away the yolk this is where most of the nutritional value is and always make sure it says organic .


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