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5 super fun New years rituals you can do with your kids – My article on mind body green

5 super fun New years rituals you can do with your kids – My article on mind body green

I love doing intention rituals for the new year. It gives me an opportunity to reflect on the passing year and what it was all about for me. I create an intention for the way I want to show up for myself and others, and the things I hope to create in my life in the new year.

My new year’s rituals have gotten to be very popular with friends and I’ve started doing them with their kids. It’s really cute to hear what the kids loved and didn’t like about the past year and what they want to manifest in the coming year. When I plant little seeds of spirituality in children, I always do some kind of fun project or game; this seems to leave a more lasting impression.

Here are 5 super fun ways to create new year’s intentions with your children:

1. Make a family vision board.

Gather all your old magazines and get out the paint, glitter, stickers, markers, and any other fun art supplies. You’ll also need cardboard or big thick paper boards, and some kind of object you can pass along. (I like to use a stick or a crystal.)

How it works: Whoever holds the object gets to talk. Ask the children what they liked best about this past year. Then ask them how they want to feel or what they want to manifest in the new year.

After everyone talks, begin to cut out pictures. Draw, paint, paste pictures, or add glitter onto the board. When it’s finished, go around and have the kids explain the choices they made for their boards. Frame the finished board and hang it somewhere where you can all see it.

2. Plant new year intention seeds.

Have your kids say their new year intentions, then have them write them on a small piece of paper. Get a pot, seeds, and some soil and have your children place their intentions in their pots. Then pour in the soil and plant the seeds. Give them the pots and teach them how to water and take care of them to feed their intentions so they grow.

3. Make new year’s bracelets.

I did this last week with my friend’s 10 year-old daughter, Lili. How it works: Pick out crystal beads from your local bead shop (or you can buy them online). Ideally you’ll want to select ones that your kids are drawn to or that represent a feeling they want to embody. Some ideas include rose quartz for love, amethyst for stress relief, or blood stone to increase energy. Then you can string them or have the store string them.

Have your children hold the bracelets in their hands and say what it represents and how they want to feel, manifest, and be in the new year. Lili said she wants to feel more confident and that when she wears her magic beads, she can accomplish anything. Also, she wants to manifest a horse.

4. Do a burning ritual.

There are two ways to do this. First you can buy fly wish paper. Have your kids write down on one piece of paper what they want to let go of, and on another piece of paper what they want to manifest (for themselves, for others, and for the planet). Burn the paper and watch it fly into the universe. Another option: instead of burning wishes into the air, burn them in a fireplace. Throw in some sage when letting go of something, and maybe sprinkle on some ginger oil for bringing in the new that you wish to manifest.

5. Do a candle ritual.

You’ll need a few tall, white candles in glass, some essential oils, paint, glitter, and stickers … Have your kids write their intentions on a piece of paper and let them decorate their magical candle. Have them read their intentions and place the paper under the candle. Let them pick out the oil they like (lavender for stress, jasmine for love, orange and rose geranium for happiness) and have them add a few drops of essential oll to the candle. Light it so they can send their intention out into the world. (Be sure to let the candles burn to the end so you don’t blow out their wishes!)



This Christmas Eve my dear friends invited me over to their house for a very special dinner . While I was there she shared with me something she made for each one of her children , It was a birthday book. This wasn’t just any old birthday book , this book was one of the most beautiful and heartfelt things I have ever seen and read . While I sat there reading this book I couldn’t help but feel that it was as if her heart had written it , it touched me so deeply that it literally brought tears to my eyes . Each year on each of her children’s birthdays ( starting from the day they were born) she sits down quietly and writes a letter to her child . This letter is about how much love she feels for them , what her child went through and was into that particular year and what it was like through the eyes and heart of being their mom . she also picks 1 photo that was her favorite from the year and explains why she loves this picture of them . She plans on giving them all their books on her children’s 21st birthdays ..  Can you imagine if you received such a special meaningful present from your parents ? This is something I know I would treasure so deeply forever . 

I just wanted to share this with you all as it is such a beautiful idea to do for your kids !!! 


FENG SHUI FOR BABY – My Q&A with Feng Shui Goddess Dana Claudat

I have spent the past few months de- cluttering , making space and purging my home and life of the old and now am currently bringing in the new and re decorating my home and life.  In this process I have become obsessed with Feng shui . I believe energy attracts energy and that your space should be a refection of the way you want to feel  as well as  holding a space for and to magnetize what you would like to manifest . I recently bought Dana Claudat’s FABULOUS book – ” Feng shui 101 ” and have been applying the priceless wisdom and tools she gives. (  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK )  
I asked Dana if she would do a Q&A with me about how to Feng shui for a baby .. Here is what she had to say !! I LOVE this lady and her work !!!
 Dana Claudat is a Pyramid School Feng Shui consultant, writer, and founder of the feng shui blog The Tao Of Dana. A Stanford-educated Art Historian based in Hollywood, she does very personalized feng shui consultations with an artful slant in Los Angeles and New York, and also works online with clients around the globe.
 What is feng shui and how does it work ? 
Feng shui literally means “wind water”.  It is the art and science of creating optimal environments for a thriving life.  In essence, if you think of yourself as being  made up of “mind-body-soul”, those three things need a PLACE to exist.   I have taken Western feng shui a step further in my work and apply the principles to every facet of life- creating a more integrated, energized and balanced lifestyle for individuals, couples, famlies, offices, you name it! 
What are some Feng shui tips for fertility and bringing in a baby to do in your home ? 
There are five elements that compose all of life and all matter in the world according to Chinese philosophy: water, earth, fire, metal and wood.  
Fertility is largely ruled by the earth element.  Earth “gives birth” to all of life. 
For each person this will vary slightly (depending on your own elemental balance) but in general, the addition of more earth element- neutral colors, pottery, crystals, stones- to the home as well as the bedroom creates an overall more receptive space.  
Also, adding some art that is “preganant” with emotion (and in saying this, I do not mean art of preganant women, though that’s fine too!  but think of what preganancy feels like to you… and find art, even abstract art, that emenates that energy.  
I would also remove all electronics from the bedroom and reduce the electronics in your home (unplug what you can at night/ turn things off).  Electromagnetic pollution is the opposite of relaxed and creative.
 what are some tips to make your home more peaceful for a calmer and less stressful pregnancy ? 
Sleeping well is the greatest overall calming too.  The electronics tip above is a big one, and one that many may at first resist. We all love out iPads and phones!  I’ll refine that tip here to say that I recommend shutting off electronics (yep, cell phones, too!) at least an hour or 2 before bed.  Also, shut some lights off as you wind down.  Too much light before bed can interrupt your circadian rhythms and throw your sleep schedule awry. 
Also, a great big declutter of your home (this may be a family & friends pitch-in activity!) will free you of lots of ambient noise and free-floating worry that clutter holds, making lots of room for the fresh and new.  
 How would you feng shui a birth ( hospital or home ) room ? 
 It sounds like you have this down, Lori! All of the crystals, essential oils and energy work is where it’s at!   
If you are permitted, bringing in your own sheets or a blanket that is soft is a great bit of sensory personalization for a space.  
For a home birth, lots of plants are a great addition- potted plants.  And make sure all pointy edged furniture is not aimed at you (you know, like the sharp edges of a night table, etc) as they create a feeling of being unsettled… not what is needed! 
How do you feng shui a baby’s nursery ? 
 While every room has its quirks, I find that insitincts kick in when setting up a nursery and new parents do a great job, though I’ll give you a few bullet points to look out for in general.  
Avoid placing cribs in front of windows, or against walls that back-up against kitchens or bathrooms (especially bathrooms) as the draining energy can be a drag on the baby.   Also, its worth noting that bubblegum pink, while thought of as a feminine color, relaxes and subdues agitated babies (and adults, too!), so a pink blanket on hand is a fun tip to try.   Keep colors varied and lighter (rather than too screaming-bright and primary), and while we all think kids rooms should be wildly decorated with all of the gorgeous stuff we see everywhere, less is more to start! 
 Any tips to feng shui a siblings room to make the transition of having a new brother or sister easier ? 
 The most important thing that a child should have as far as space goes is a say in how his or her room looks.  While you don’t have to paint walls purple or install a basketball court or a 70″ flat screen streaming video games in a room because that would make your child extremely happy (!), this is a great time to sit down and talk about how he or she feels about their room and how it can be a bit more special. Displaying a favorite collection, creating a chalkboard wall with paint, getting new colored bedding or a canopy- all have come up in these talks.  If your child is too young for a talk, displaying their early-years artwork on the walls really does reinforce self-esteem as a starter!
And… follow your intuition, taking note of what you see around you as a road-map for change.  Your space is a mirror of your life. If you see it getting chaotic in your living room, you know it’s time to declutter a bit and organize in a way that is user-friendly for you and your family.  Things will never be perfect, but they can always flow!
xoxo Dana
Contact info – 
Dana Claudat 




I found this article while I was on on twitter this morning … Thought it was kind of fun and cool III Wanted to share with you all !!! From  Cafe mom / The stir 



My daughter at 13 weeks gestation — can you tell?Finding out the gender of the baby is one of the biggest things many families look forward to during pregnancy, whether they have a preference or not.

Most average pregnancies under OB/GYN care in the United States undergo two ultrasounds — one at the end of the first trimester, around 9-13 weeks, and another around the end of the second, around 18-22 weeks, the latter being the “gender ultrasound” most frequently.

But what if you could find out at that first ultrasound, and NOT because you can see baby’s family goods? According to a certain study, you can with 97 percent accuracy!

Researchers did a transvaginal ultrasound (you know, the fun wand up your vagina) at 6 weeks on more than 5,300 women and hypothesied gender due to one marker. Then a transabdominal ultrasound (the one on your belly) at 18-20 weeks, and their method ofgender determination was right 98-99 percent of the time! 

Obviously you’re wondering what they could possible see at 6 weeks gestation that would tell them anything about the sex of the baby, right?

The placenta!

Or more specifically, the location of the placenta — 97.2 percent of boys had their placenta on the right side of the uterus at that 6 week ultrasound, and 97.5 percent of girls had theirs on the left. Crazy, isn’t it? According to their study, this method should be considered “highly reliable” in determining gender within the first few weeks of pregnancy.

I tried to look at ultrasounds of mine and many of my friends, but I’m no radiologist, so I’m not quite sure where the placenta is, especially in some of the less clear images. Apparently if your first ultrasound was transabdominal, the image is flipped, so you’d reverse the sides.

Get out your ultrasounds, ladies! Was this true for you?



Here is an interesting little tidbit I found today ….

A study taken by Professor Secki found when pregnant women ate LARGE amounts of licorice during pregnancy raised their odds of their unborn baby becoming more anxious , having a lower IQ and behavioral issues .By  the age of  8 he saw a 2/3  increase rate of ADD and anxiety from the licorice eaters compared to the children of non licorice eating moms. The thought behind this is a compound found in licorice helps break down the protective barrier which allows stress hormones to pass easily from mother to baby. For more on this study click on link above .


Lili’s 2014 intentions – Energy muse Jewelry intention making party

This is 10 year old Lili wearing her intention bracelet she made  at Energy muse this past weekend at the New year intention jewelry making party .. Her intention for 2014 she said “Is to be more confident . when I wears my magical beads I feel like I can accomplish anything !!!!! Oh and I want to manifest a horse too ” LOVE HER !!!!!!  The Energy muse show room is open daily so grab ur pals and kids , create and wear your New Years intentions ! It’s super fun ! We are putting together a special day  just for kids in January “Create your intentions party for kids ” . We have a fun magical ritual and jewelry day making planned .  ( stay tuned for details ) For more info

call energy muse at  ( 310) 787- 8443 get-attachment.aspx

Nesting your life to make space for great things to come

Nesting your life to make space for great things to come



As a doula with 13 years of experience, I’ve noticed a pattern toward the end of pregnancy: a woman goes through a “nesting period” where she has an uncontrollable urge to purge her home and her life. Once, I found one of my clients (then 8 months pregnant) in her basement, throwing away boxes of stuff, reorganizing shelves, and scrubbing them clean.

When I walked in, she saw me and burst into tears. “I can’t stop cleaning,” she said.

I explained that this is totally normal. When your life is so full of what no longer serves you, there is no space for anything new to flow into your life. Another one of my clients of mine bought a house and redecorated the whole thing by herself.

I thought about this recently, when something crazy took over me, and I purged my house of just about everything: old vitamins, spices, make up, clothes, papers, and furniture. Suddenly it dawned on me, that much like a pregnant woman, I was making space for the new. And we can all do the same to bring in the birth of a new year.

Here are some tips to help you make room for greatness:

1. Take inventory of your life.

Notice what’s working, what needs adjusting, and what needs to go. Look at the way you’ve been living and doing your life. We can’t change anything if we aren’t aware of what needs changing.

2. Detox your body.

Get rid of any toxins in your body and quit those bad habits that are preventing you from feeling good and being all that you can be. Establish healthier habits, feed your body organic nourishing whole foods, and take supplements that feed and fuel you.

3. Distance yourself from the negative.

I look at my friendships as a target. My inner circle surrounds the bullseye, and others fill the levels of circles that go further out. Ask yourself: who drains you, who brings you down, who isn’t supportive, and who is no longer a match? You don’t want people in the bullseye crowding out the folks who are supportive. Figure out who needs to be moved to the outer circle?

4. Clean house.

Clean out your closets, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, shelves, desk and whatever else is taking up space in your home. Throw away all toxic products and replace with toxin free products, scrub down your house with non toxic cleaning supplies. You will feel like you have more room to breathe.

5. Patch the energy leaks.

Notice where (or with whom) you are spending too much time, money, or energy and feeling drained. Where can you create more structure and establish better boundaries?

6. Find balance.

Are you moving your body or taking enough down time? Are you working too much and not having enough play or you time? Where can you make the shifts so you can have more of a balanced life?

David Chamberlain – Author of the amazing book “windows in the womb”

The way your child comes into the world will be their first impression if this world is a safe and secure place to be or not –
Birth matters … You matter .. Not all hospitals are bad , I have had many great experiences with birth in the hospital . If  choosing to have  your baby in a hospital have the staff wait to do their thing they do ( It helps to speak to your doctor about your birth plan and wishes way before the birth – making sure you are on the same page ) …Instead Get that baby skin to skin on your chest right away , look into their eyes and speak softly and lovely to them , stroke and kiss them . Let them know that they are safe here and loved ! This will set an imprint for life onto them by reassuring that all is well – Lori Bregman


The beginning matters !! – David Chamberlain


5 ways to feel sexy during pregnancy –

5 ways to feel sexy during pregnancy –

5 Ways to Feel Sexy During Your Pregnancy

 The way a woman feels about herself during pregnancy varies from person to person. Some feel like total goddesses and others feel frumpy and dumpy. But it’s important to stay positive and feel good about yourself during this time. Here are a few ways to help you feel sexier during pregnancy.  

1) Eat healthy. You know that saying “You are what you eat?” Well, it’s true! The healthier you eat during pregnancy the better you will feel. Eat organic, whole foods that feed your body and baby, not empty calories that just fill you up.

2) As important as it is to eat healthy, you also need to keep your body moving. Regular exercise releases endorphins (the feel-good hormone), which help lift the spirits and make you feel good.

3) Although sweatpants and PJ’s are super cozy, they aren’t the sexiest choice. Wear cute, form-fitting clothes that show off your baby bump. For extra sexiness, put on some slinky lingerie underneath.

4) Take the time to get ready by doing your hair and putting on some lipstick. Every once and a while treat yourself to a pampering day: Getting a manicure/pedicure, massage, body scrub, or hair cut will help you feel like a million bucks.

5) Keep your sex life alive. You can never have too many date nights.

By Lori Bregman
Lori Bregman is founder of the Rooted for Life Pregnancy Coaching Program, a complete body, mind and spirit support system that helps women through fertility, pregnancy, birth, and into new mommyhood. As a doula, healer, and life/pregnancy coach, Lori has over 20 years of experience helping clients transform their lives. Today she has built a thriving career based on her passion for fostering healthy moms and healthy babies.

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