FENG SHUI FOR BABY – My Q&A with Feng Shui Goddess Dana Claudat

I have spent the past few months de- cluttering , making space and purging my home and life of the old and now am currently bringing in the new and re decorating my home and life.  In this process I have become obsessed with Feng shui . I believe energy attracts energy and that your space should be a refection of the way you want to feel  as well as  holding a space for and to magnetize what you would like to manifest . I recently bought Dana Claudat’s FABULOUS book – ” Feng shui 101 ” and have been applying the priceless wisdom and tools she gives. (  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK )   www.fengshuidana.com  
I asked Dana if she would do a Q&A with me about how to Feng shui for a baby .. Here is what she had to say !! I LOVE this lady and her work !!!
 Dana Claudat is a Pyramid School Feng Shui consultant, writer, and founder of the feng shui blog The Tao Of Dana. A Stanford-educated Art Historian based in Hollywood, she does very personalized feng shui consultations with an artful slant in Los Angeles and New York, and also works online with clients around the globe.
 What is feng shui and how does it work ? 
Feng shui literally means “wind water”.  It is the art and science of creating optimal environments for a thriving life.  In essence, if you think of yourself as being  made up of “mind-body-soul”, those three things need a PLACE to exist.   I have taken Western feng shui a step further in my work and apply the principles to every facet of life- creating a more integrated, energized and balanced lifestyle for individuals, couples, famlies, offices, you name it! 
What are some Feng shui tips for fertility and bringing in a baby to do in your home ? 
There are five elements that compose all of life and all matter in the world according to Chinese philosophy: water, earth, fire, metal and wood.  
Fertility is largely ruled by the earth element.  Earth “gives birth” to all of life. 
For each person this will vary slightly (depending on your own elemental balance) but in general, the addition of more earth element- neutral colors, pottery, crystals, stones- to the home as well as the bedroom creates an overall more receptive space.  
Also, adding some art that is “preganant” with emotion (and in saying this, I do not mean art of preganant women, though that’s fine too!  but think of what preganancy feels like to you… and find art, even abstract art, that emenates that energy.  
I would also remove all electronics from the bedroom and reduce the electronics in your home (unplug what you can at night/ turn things off).  Electromagnetic pollution is the opposite of relaxed and creative.
 what are some tips to make your home more peaceful for a calmer and less stressful pregnancy ? 
Sleeping well is the greatest overall calming too.  The electronics tip above is a big one, and one that many may at first resist. We all love out iPads and phones!  I’ll refine that tip here to say that I recommend shutting off electronics (yep, cell phones, too!) at least an hour or 2 before bed.  Also, shut some lights off as you wind down.  Too much light before bed can interrupt your circadian rhythms and throw your sleep schedule awry. 
Also, a great big declutter of your home (this may be a family & friends pitch-in activity!) will free you of lots of ambient noise and free-floating worry that clutter holds, making lots of room for the fresh and new.  
 How would you feng shui a birth ( hospital or home ) room ? 
 It sounds like you have this down, Lori! All of the crystals, essential oils and energy work is where it’s at!   
If you are permitted, bringing in your own sheets or a blanket that is soft is a great bit of sensory personalization for a space.  
For a home birth, lots of plants are a great addition- potted plants.  And make sure all pointy edged furniture is not aimed at you (you know, like the sharp edges of a night table, etc) as they create a feeling of being unsettled… not what is needed! 
How do you feng shui a baby’s nursery ? 
 While every room has its quirks, I find that insitincts kick in when setting up a nursery and new parents do a great job, though I’ll give you a few bullet points to look out for in general.  
Avoid placing cribs in front of windows, or against walls that back-up against kitchens or bathrooms (especially bathrooms) as the draining energy can be a drag on the baby.   Also, its worth noting that bubblegum pink, while thought of as a feminine color, relaxes and subdues agitated babies (and adults, too!), so a pink blanket on hand is a fun tip to try.   Keep colors varied and lighter (rather than too screaming-bright and primary), and while we all think kids rooms should be wildly decorated with all of the gorgeous stuff we see everywhere, less is more to start! 
 Any tips to feng shui a siblings room to make the transition of having a new brother or sister easier ? 
 The most important thing that a child should have as far as space goes is a say in how his or her room looks.  While you don’t have to paint walls purple or install a basketball court or a 70″ flat screen streaming video games in a room because that would make your child extremely happy (!), this is a great time to sit down and talk about how he or she feels about their room and how it can be a bit more special. Displaying a favorite collection, creating a chalkboard wall with paint, getting new colored bedding or a canopy- all have come up in these talks.  If your child is too young for a talk, displaying their early-years artwork on the walls really does reinforce self-esteem as a starter!
And… follow your intuition, taking note of what you see around you as a road-map for change.  Your space is a mirror of your life. If you see it getting chaotic in your living room, you know it’s time to declutter a bit and organize in a way that is user-friendly for you and your family.  Things will never be perfect, but they can always flow!
xoxo Dana
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Dana Claudat 


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  1. 1 Colleen December 29, 2013 at 11:13 pm

    love this Q&A – awesome tips!

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