Setting the pace for your day to follow in

Setting the pace for your day to follow in

I posted this photo on my instagram and Facebook yesterday in hopes of inspiring others that by starting off the day calmly will set the pace and energy for the rest of the day to follow in . Instead of rolling over and checking my phone , emails and getting on my computer right Away , I light a few candles , turn on some soft chanting music ( right now I’m into Simrit Kaur _ The sweetest nectar – Amazing for birth … FYI ) make my self some coffee and read a few pages in some spiritual or inspirational books . Today I took a bath and read while listening to classical music before I went to workout. I know carving out the time in the morning can be a challenge when you are sleep deprived and you need to be with your children . One of my clients sets her alarm 25 minutes before her kids wake up and uses that time to meditate for 20 min . she really notices a big difference in her energy and stress level when she doesn’t take the time to do this for herself. A girlfriend of mine for years has been getting up at 5 am just to have an hour or so of peace and quiet where she reads the paper , has her tea and takes her time to get ready for the day before waking her boys up for school . She told me when she rushes in the morning she feels frazzled , aggravated and ungrounded for the rest of her day . What can you do for yourself to start off your day by setting the pace and energy for a calm and peaceful day ?

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