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7 tips that help get your circulation going to prevent varicose veins

Here a a few things you can start to do early in pregnancy to avoid getting varicose veins


1. Get plenty of Exercise – to get your blood and circulation moving.

2.Elevate your legs daily on a stack of pillows for 10 minutes or more .

3. Dry brush daily to improve circulation. Image

4. Take sociable garlic and vitamin E capsules to improve circulation  and  Vitamin C to strengthen the blood vessels.

5. massage your legs with stokes flushing your blood upwards to your heart with  3 drops of lavender with 1 drop of peppermint oil in a coconut oil base ( I like spectrum organic coconut oil with the orange label – it is unscented better for adding oils too )

6. Avoid sitting to long especially with your legs crossed

7. Avoid gaining too much excess weight .

Polish Bar – A safer way to get your nails done

Polish Bar – A safer way to get your nails done

Attention all you conscious people , mamas and mothers to be here in Los Angeles !!!  There is a new organic and totally awesome nail salon in town that I am so excited about !! I remember a few months back writing an article about how to have a toxic free pregnancy and while researching I couldn’t believe how toxic regular nail polish was . Most conventional polishes contain these 3 toxins , commonly known as the toxic trio .

Toluene – Causes birth defects , is harmful to the nervous system and causes developmental problems in children .

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP ) – Is linked to birth defects and cancer

Formaldehyde- A carcinogen – Yes the same chemical that preserves dead things …. ummmm GROSS !!!

A test done by the EWG found over 200 chemicals found in the umbilical cord blood of newborn infants and children’s delicate systems are the most vulnerable to toxins .. So if you are pregnant , wanting to become or are planning to take your kids for a mommy and me mani /pedi day I highly suggest the Polish bar !!


“A Safer Way to Polish” in the heart of LA

Take one look inside POLISHBAR and you’ll realize that this is not your average nail salon. Look even deeper and you’ll notice that no detail was overlooked, especially the customer. In the mood for a manicure? Slide a chair up to the bar and enjoy a complimentary organic beverage while your fingers get polished, or relax in one of our cozy pedicure chairs and watch some reality television.

POLISHBAR boasts Zoya 5-free nail polish, water based polish for the kiddos and expectant mothers (future kiddos), plant based nail polish remover, organic lotions and scrubs, ceramic non-porous pedicure bowls (no mold or bacteria here) and a hospital-grade autoclave (for proper sterilization of equipment, only 1% of salons do this). In short, POLISHBAR takes the environment into consideration and most importantly, YOU.

open 7 days a week

8101 W 3rd st

Los Angeles , ca


(323) 951-1080

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