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Hank Azeria’s Web documentary series FATHERHOOD

Hank Azeria’s Web documentary series FATHERHOOD


Check out my dear friend Hank Azaria new show !!!!!  There is always a lot of focus on the mommy during pregnancy and after but what about the father ??? I  had the honor to work with Katie and Hank throughout pregnancy as well as the trying time afterwards when their baby Hal was born 10 weeks early . They are the sweetest couple ever and  I totally love them both to death !!! Hal is one lucky little fella to have them for his parents !!! Im so excited about this show !!! Make sure you check it out !!  – There is a new episode every Wednesday .
Actor Hank Azaria wasn’t sure he wanted to have kids. So, he started asking famous friends like Bryan Cranston and Kevin Bacon about their experiences and filming their answers for a documentary. A funny thing happened along the way, however: Hank became a dad! Watch as Hank navigates the touching, enlightening, and humorous journey of becoming a father, collecting advice from pals, experts, and ordinary dads-on the-street as he goes.

A new awesome yoga class for kids in LA !! Weekly themes that raise awareness .. Installs roots of empathy , compassion , love , mindfulness , humanitarianism and joy .. check it out !!!

Well my awesome friend Clara is at it again ..
I posted a blog few months ago about raising awareness and humanitarianism  in our children.  I wrote about my fabulous friend clara and what she did with her children to help raise awareness and money to  help save the baby elephants.
Im so excited to announce her weekly yoga class for kids !! Each week clara will not only playfully guide children through yoga movements , mindfulness exercises , dance and breath work  but will also bring in a weekly theme to raise awareness and knowledge that installs the roots of empathy , compassion , love , joy and humanitarianism in your children.
Image  1506557_638042459585699_278432900_n
For more on this class read below and click on the links … Next weeks theme is raising awareness about animals all the money for this class  will go to the Gentle Barn ( A place I totally LOVE … Amazing what these people do for the animals )
A few upcoming themes are : Dinosaurs , Africa ( a fundraiser ) , Rainforest ( fundraiser ) , outer space , Food ……… I just LOVE this and highly recommend this class to all  !!!!!!!!!!!!
Please join us for our next Yoyo Yoga! class (LA’s ONLY kids’ community yoga class) this coming Monday, 1/20 at 3:30pm at the Electric Lodge.The theme for this class is “Farm Yoga” and all proceeds will be benefiting The Gentle Barn (they rescue, rehabilitate and give sanctuary to severely abused animals, then kids interact with the animals to learn kindness, compassion and Suggested donation: $10, $5 for siblings. Gardein (delicious meatless, vegan and vegetarian food) will be giving away coupons for free products too!
Yoyo Yoga! – Kids’ Community Yoga
Theme is “Farm Yoga” benefiting The Gentle Barn
For 4-7 years olds
Monday, 1/20 at 3:30pm
At the Electric Lodge, 1416 Electric Ave. at Milwood
Suggested donation $10, $5 for siblings
***Don’t forget a yoga mat!***And please like our Facebook page for schedule updates: you there!
ClaraYoyo Yoga! is LA’s only kids’ community yoga class – joyful, fun AND affordable! Based on the principles of Next Generation Yoga (, Yoyo Yoga! incorporates yoga, stretching, creative movement/dance and relaxation into an action packed, 45 minute class complete with music, props, interactive games and plenty of imaginary play. 

One of my top foods for fertility .. EGGS .. Here is why

One of my top foods for fertility .. EGGS .. Here is why



Click on the above link after reading this blog post to see why I suggest pasture raised eggs instead of standard eggs .

People always ask me for my top 5 fertility foods .. I have to say eggs are one of my all time favorites ..

Eggs are great for fertility because they are high in :

Omegas – regulates hormones , increases cervical fluids and helps promote healthy ovulation

Vitamin E – Balances hormone production and helps with implantation

Vitamin D – Produces estrogen and healthy cell growth

Vitamin A –  Helps follicles develop and also improves cervical fluids

Iodine – for normal thyroid function


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