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The Human Microbiome: considerations for pregnancy, birth and early mothering

I have been reading up on the impotence of gut health and pregnancy .. this article is wonderful in explaining why a healthy gut is so important for pregnancy and baby !


This post was co-authored by Jessie Johnson-Cash and based on her presentation at the USC Midwifery Education Day.

The human microbiome is rather fashionable in the world of science at the moment. The NIH Human Microbiome Project has been set up to explore correlations between the microbiome and human health and disease. To date the human microbiome as been associated with, amongst other things obesity, cancer, mental health disorders, asthma, and autism. In this post I am not going to provide a comprehensive literature review – this has already been done, and the key reviews underpinning this discussion are: Matamoros et al. (2012) ‘development of intestinal microbiota in infants and its impact on health’ and Collado et al. (2012) ‘microbial ecology and host-microbiota interactions during early life stages’. Instead I am going to focus on what this means for pregnancy, birth, mothering and midwifery.

What is the human microbiome?

Considerations for mothers and midwives

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Don’t use your children to heal your past …….

Don't use your children to heal your past .......

“Don’t try and fix the past thru your children. You won’t heal yourself , your childhood or the past by wounding another ” – Lori Bregman

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