BIRTH AFFIRMATIONS – For a positive more empowered birth experience

Birth isn’t just a physical journey but a mental and emotional one as well .  The mind is a mighty powerful thing !! In labor  it can be your greatest warrior and support or it can sabotage your wishes , desires and intentions, taking you down within the blink of an eye . Not everyone can afford  or wants a doula by their side 24/7 throughout the birth process . When you have a doula by your side she will be your greatest cheerleader one who lives , breathes and speaks  positive affirmations to you through the course of your labor .


I saw this photo on Facebook and went crazy over it !!! I LOVE this idea and am going to start having all my girls make their own positive birth affirmations to hang  up  in the birth room as part of the sacred space I help create for them . During labor you may go through all kinds of emotional , mental , spiritual and physical twists and turns , highs and lows . Birth Affirmations will help support , ground and focus your energy  to help you have the birth you desire  .

There are 2 ways to do this – For both ways always use bright colors .. ( They tend to uplift the spirit , lighten the mood and are more playful and happy to look at )

1. Do it as a baby shower ritual – On all the tables have a large sheet of blank paper at each table setting , each table gets a basket of colorful markers or crayons . Have everyone there write out an positive birth affirmation for your birth .

2. Make your own – You can write out a list of your fears and turn those fears into a positive . An example -” I am afraid I won’t be able to do this”. Changed too, ” My body is made and designed to do this “or “I am strong and capable and trust my body to birth my baby with ease”.  I ask my girls when prepping them for birth ,” What are some things I can say that motivate you to give you more confidence and strength ? If you are really creative you can even draw out your birth intention , a picture , words or feelings that inspires you .

Pack some tape with you in your birth bag and hang your affirmations all over the walls and windows .

Here are a few sample affirmations to use or get ideas from –

I am powerful

There is no need for us to hurry

I trust my labor process

My body was made to do this

I have all the time and patience I need

I trust my body to birth my baby

I let go and relax

I surrender with confidence

I am safe

I trust my intuition

I trust my instincts

There are 300,000 other women giving birth in the world with me today .

I am strong and capable of birthing my baby

Every contraction brings me closer to meeting my baby

The more i can relax and let go the easier time my baby will have making their way into the world

I am a great mother

I can do this I am committed

No negative thoughts or thinking  allowed in this room

I breathe in relaxation , I exhale out any tension

I breathe in love , peace and joy into my baby and exhale thru my mouth any fear , tension or anxiety as my body relaxes

I inhale oxygen and life force into my baby as I exhale my whole body relaxes as my baby drops and cervix dilates

Breathe in LET exhale GO

This present moment is all there really is , I am fully here in the now , the past is gone and the future hasn’t happened yet . What I do in this moment is building the way to my future .

You got this girl !!!!!


1 Response to “BIRTH AFFIRMATIONS – For a positive more empowered birth experience”

  1. 1 Samantha November 12, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    I LOVE this!! I am using to for my labor too! Thanks for posting!!! Hope your labor went amazing!!

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