The peanut ball for better labor

The peanut ball for better labor

well you all know how much I just love the birth ball for labor –

Now I have another ball to share with you all … And yes soon I am going to need a bigger car just to be able to carry around all my different birth balls , bags and goodies !!! This ball Its called the peanut .. you can order online just google- ” the peanut exercise ball” …

Anyway …. It’s awesome for opening the pelvis . I like using it when my birthing mama is tired and needs to rest and lie down or if she has chosen to have an epidural .

A study taken by a group of nurses working for Arizona-based Ballard Health hospitals showed that when  side laying laboring women who had an epidural used the peanut ball it was shown to have significant results …..

Those who used the ball decreased the first stage of labor by nearly 90 minutes and the second stage by 23 minutes compared with a control group that did not use the ball.

It also proved to lower C-section rates. The C-section rate for the group of women who used the ball was 13 percentage points less than for the group that did not use the peanut ball.

In addition, the use of forceps in the control group was 2.2 while the peanut ball group was 1.9, and the vacuum extractor use for the control group was 9.7 while the peanut ball group was 6.7.

I have my girls turn on their side keeping their bottom leg straight , I place the peanut between the legs with the top leg bent over . I then have them move their but backwards so they can roll more forward towards their belly and give them a pillow to hug .

And for some extra yumminess I massage their lower back  in this position with a labor blend of clary sage ( helps increase strength of contractions and helps w pain ) and lavender ( relaxes , de-stresses )  in a base of unscented coconut oil ..


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  1. 1 Cheri Grant December 24, 2014 at 11:59 am

    Wonderful Information and stats about the peanut ball. There is a new website tha has information and resources on the peanut ball Thanks for sharing this great information about women using the peanut for labor.

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