Nursery Room Feng Shui – By Dana Claudat

I was having dinner last week with my girl Dana Claudat ( Feng shui Goddess extraordinaire ) and we got on the subject about how she did  feng shui for one of my clients baby’s nursery . I asked her to please write up a blog post for me on some tricks to share on how to  energetically balance and calm the environment of a nursery . Here is what she had to say :


Babies are the ideal consumer of excellent energy.  Even before they are born they are in a massive period of development and growth.  An environment teeming with  life force is not a luxury for a baby- it is a necessity.   Nursery rooms are an ideal place for some feng shui goodness, so I wanted to share a few simple tips to keep in mind when you are setting up your nursery room.

Keep it organic.  Organic materials are important.  You don’t need to have an excess of stuff, but quality organic fabrics and bedding are important. Every outfit your baby wears does not need to be made from organic thread… but bedding and other items that are used all day are best kept as non-toxic as possible.

And curvy! Beyond organic fabrics, reach for organic shapes and images of nature in muted colors.  Our brains love to see curved lines-  even as adults!- so the addition of curving vines painted in muted colors, cribs with rounded edges, and lots of amorphous, organic shapes are engaging and relaxing at once.

Place a crib based on the environment.  Do not put the crib right in front of a door that swings open if that can be avoided.  Try for the walls opposite the door, and use these guidelines: do not but a crib up against a wall with a bathroom or a kitchen behind it.  Also, avoid being too close to windows.

Pink is great for boys and girls. Bubblegum pink is a great color for infants to help them relax.  Keep a bit of pink on hand to help calm an upset baby.

Make things user-friendly.  Less is much more in a nursery.  If you put yourself in your baby’s position, looking at the world through their eyes, what would you want to see as you wake up and as you fall asleep?  Less is more for adults and for infants.  I know the urge is to bring every possible amazing goodie into the space that you can, but less is best.  Clutter stops the flow of energy, and that is the opposite of what every growing baby wants to experience.

Give yourself room to rest.  A big adult chair and ottoman or a sofa to hang out in the nursery is important.

Keep the air fresh!  Run a fan or open windows for a bit during the day when the room is empty if weather permits to keep the fresh vibes flowing in.  Another big tip: designate the nursery a no-perfume zone.  Conventionally fragranced cleaning supplies, lotions, and people wearing lots of perfume should stay out of the nursery. If you want to really treat the nursery as the sanctuary that it is, also try to keep it a shoes-off room.  I recommend no shoes on in homes as much as possible (you’d be amazed what is tracked into your house from your shoes!) but especially in nursery rooms.

For more tips or to book an appoint to have Dana come feng shui your baby’s nursery  check out her ROCK’N website : – Creating a healthy foundation for both you and your child to grow from ….


2 Responses to “Nursery Room Feng Shui – By Dana Claudat”

  1. 1 Angela Ang March 18, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    I loved the phrase “Babies are the ideal consumer of excellent energy.” So true! Dana has given great advice here. Organics are important as is fresh air. Also, if you can keep Wi-fi away from babies it’s a good thing. Whether it’s for your computer or some type of sensor you want to use to monitor the child, there’s just too much scientific evidence to suggest that kids and EMFs are not good play friends.

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