True Beauty

True Beauty

My friend Sayde posted this yesterday and it really hit home for me ! Years and years ago before I transformed into the person I am today, all I cared about and put out into the world was my looks .I remember a VERY dear friend of mine saying to me -” Lori ,why don’t you show the world the beautiful person you show me – the person  who you really are under the surface  ? I remember saying …” Because nobody cares “. Looking back on this ,  it’s so sad the lack of self love and confidence I once had for myself.   I  use to workout for hours  and hours a day only to look good . I kept myself in a man made box by dieting and weighting my self daily , if the scale was up or my clothes were tight I would go into a depression . When I wasn’t working out I was constantly was shopping to fill a void of low self esteem .

Most of you know me as the women I am today , but before I did my inner work and re reconnected with my soul I was just skimming the surface of life . Over the years I have found my voice and use it empower and inspire others , I try to come from a place of love , compassion , gratitude and empathy and no matter what I am going thru I am genuinely  happy for others. I make it a point to put the real me out there beyond  the physical  surface .  One thing that teaches you that beauty is only skin deep is aging . Today I  work out and eat healthy not only to look good but more importantly to feel good . I still like wearing nice clothes but I buy out of necessity not a void . I weigh myself  about once a month  just to check in , but mostly judge it by the way my clothes feel . Our children ( daughters especially ) are sponges , watching and absorbing all that we do , say and are . Teach your children by showing them what kindness, love and compassion is by caring for yourself and others . Let them see that sparkle of joy in your eyes when you talk about something you are so passionate about . Be optimistic , supportive and be someone that they aspire to be like some day . The world doesn’t need any more human barbie dolls !!!!  Raise your children to be beautiful by allowing both yours and their true essence of the soul to shine big and bright . – Building a solid foundation for you and your children to grow from


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